#MinnegeddonPartDeux — Blizzard “Juno” on Wolf’s Birthday…my response to Mr. Gilbert and the NYPhil…

To Mr. Gilbert and players of the NY Phil,

As this epic storm moves in toward the New York metro area (which is where I grew up) and may be linked to my family and me in some way, I feel strongly that I need to take this opportunity to try to connect with you and to make sure that you have valid information about us.  I realize that what I am saying is unusual, but then, so are many things about Wolfgang Mozart — and many of them are still unexplained…

My name is Pamela Brown.  I play die zauberflote — the real magic flute.  This has been confirmed by the players of the Minnesota Orchestra who have heard me play.  It seems Mozart’s last major opera was written about my family and me. The opera has, in effect, come to life in the middle of this country.  Virtually everyone at the Minnesota Orchestra is aware of this. A cadre of players in the orchestra tried to destroy me and also target my three (at the time, small) children. My ex-husband is [name deleted], a player with the MO.  I have had no alternative but to term him “Monostatos”, as his treatment of us was so vicious.

I grew up, musically speaking, on the stage at Orchestra Hall.  My teacher was Sid Zeitlin, at the time, Principal Flute of the MO. During the recent lockout I even asked Mr. Henson, Mr. Sprenger and Mr. Vanska of the orchestra to work with me as I come forward as a performer at the level of the press, but they have so far declined.  It may be that you will take an interest in my situation.  It would be a privilege to play for you.  You could also ask your colleague “PM” [name deleted] about me, as he heard me practice on the stage at Orchestra Hall at one time, and is, to some extent at least, aware of the mystery and tumult surrounding my coming forward.

Here is a link to the encore from the Die Zauberflote Holiday Concert at the Mall of America, Bloomington, MN, 12.21.2014.  The piece is “What Child is This?” With my husband, Donner Brown, also originally from New York City…


I hope you will not dismiss what I say.  I will be playing the flute for you as the storm moves through.  It always helps…


Pamela Brown



Mozart’s Gift, Alchemy, and the “Holy Grail”? :-0

Wolfgang Mozart had a unique gift.  How can it best be described?  Well, as a musician, I might suggest that it would be analogous to comparing a perfect fourth or fifth to a major or minor interval.  The gift was perfect.  Mozart knew this, or certainly sensed it.  So did everyone around him, and they hated him as a result.  In fact, one might say that Mozart’s life was never without controversy or even slander, as well as treachery, as those closest to him flattered him in order to befriend him and then typically turned on him and slandered him behind his back.

On one hand, we might ask, “Why would anyone bother to go to that much trouble?” To that, I have just one answer…what they perceived as (what I call) the “Mozart G’zillions”.  This gift was so unusual and unprecedented that those around him quickly came to realize that they were looking at a sort of “goose that laid the golden egg” — and they falsely thought that by causing him distress they could steal the gift and use it for themselves.  To make money.

And so, if you look at Mozart’s life, you will find that he is hardly ever alone.  In fact, it was only toward the end of his life that circumstances gave him separation from his wife Constanze.  Of course, Wolf was the first superstar, so he was known and in demand at least to some extent for most of his life.  But we might also wonder if some of this ‘friendship’ and ‘closeness’ was not deliberately targeted toward trying to use his own gift against him and to the benefit of the Judases who claimed to be his friends.

In fact, those around Mozart were trying to perform a sort of alchemy on his gift — not exactly to turn base metal into gold, but to turn what could have come to him into money and fame for themselves.  Not only was this done during his lifetime, but after, with countless books and articles written about him that are little more than libel by people who never wrote one exceptional piece of music, much less over 600 of them.  The movie AMADEUS is a textbook for the slander of Mozart.  Its axiom is that Mozart was given a gift he didn’t deserve.  The corollary, of course, is that they did.  Others perform his music while being comfortable slandering him as a person, in order to achieve the same objective.

If there were such a thing, in worldly terms, as a “Holy Grail”, Mozart’s gift might qualify.  It created the magnetism that drew so many to him and his music, as well as the tumult and controversy that also accompanied his life.  His presence seemed to make people uncomfortable.  Hardly surprising…

But the truth is, that Mozart’s gift, which has even been described at “The Mozart Effect” was a gift of the Holy Spirit.  It was the “Pearl of Great Price”.  It was a gift of shalom, perfect in every way.  And, as the Bible says, anyone who tries to use a gift of Gd to their personal advantage will stumble over it with dire result.  And so, Mozart himself died prematurely.  His birth family was torn asunder; his Mother’s death in Paris was blamed on him. Only two of the Mozart’s children survived.  Others, such as his benefactor, Michael Puchburg, died penniless.  But still, the would-be money-machine of slander churned, and churns today.  People don’t seem to realize that nobody can steal anything from Gd…

In case you are wondering about children and the adversary…(MFB=Mozart for Believers)

When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lrd and into our lives we have a tendency to think, if my experience is any sort of example, that everything is ‘ok’.  In my case, I had found what I had been searching for all along and had been told I was unworthy to receive.  I thought everything would be easier.  I could not have been more mistaken.

Growing up as a Methodist, I had treated the Bible casually, not realizing how important the Bible is as the Word of Gd.  But I had learned so the hard way — and it had brought me to a place of humility.  My attitude toward it changed, however, once I became saved.  I thought I had the inside track.  I was ‘special’.  Gd would take care of me no matter what mistakes I made.  That was and is true, and yet baby Christians can do almost as much harm ‘testing’ Gd as worldly people.  Plus, they/we now fall into the trap of spiritual pride and hypocrisy.  Oh yes, all of this is in the Bible — Luke 8, for example, tells one version of the Parable of the Sower — but having those words sink in until they mean something is quite a different thing.

And so, I raised my three children pretty much on my own.  I did my best to remove from them things that I felt exerted an unhealthy influence over them. As I soon realized that, as a musician, those attacking me were also targeting my children, I pulled back in hopes of keeping them under the radar, so to speak.  But that was not to be.

Our adversary prowls around like a lion…and it comes in after our children, no matter how much faith we may think we have, or what tools we think we can use.  It is a constant battle, and the adversary is trying to turn the family members against each other.  Most importantly, it is trying to bind the strongman or woman of the house, in order to spoil the house.  We cannot defeat this adversary in the natural.  We can call upon the Name, and we can plead the Blood and speak the Word.  And everything can still be terrifying, until our children are able to come to the Lrd themselves and learn how to do these things.

#MinnegeddonPartDeux…explaining the slander…perhaps…

It seems to me that the slander about me and Die Zauberflote (eg that I was not a threat, had been ‘silenced’, etc etc) was initially promulgated by someone who, imo, chose to behave more like a dangerous loonie than a professional musician…someone who targeted me and my children, held us hostage, so to speak, for approximately 666 days, went into a locked ward on two occasions, and then ran away with their tail between their legs and then lied about the experience…as a result, some have been led astray and have perhaps fallen into a trap.  Just my opinion….

#MinnegeddonPartDeux(MFB)…Love is Blind…

As I take a look at the events of the past year in this, if I may say so, great family of Die Zauberflote, one thing has emerged as being of paramount significance.  It is, in the most banal, simple, and yet profound way, the old adage that “Love is Blind”.  I can tell you personally that one blind spot of mine that I have never even thought about addressing was defined for me by another family member, describing their own quest for truth.  I was stunned to see that I had been so critical of some family members and had allowed this other person to have, in effect, a free pass.  I was enabling and making excuses, and all along I thought I was just being kind.  All the evidence of bad behavior was being waved in front of my face, yet those red flags were virtually invisible to me.  Such sadness and even tragedy was a part of the life of this person that, when I thought of them, all I wanted to do was cry and be gripped with sorrow that I was unable to do more to disciple them.  And so, as we approach the anniversary of the passing of this person I find that through absolutely no insight of my own nor one single brilliant understanding a huge piece in our family puzzle has been put in place, and a lot of anxiety connected with it has been put to rest.

We all have blind spots.  We literally cannot see what is in front of our eyes.  Thank goodness there are others who can help define them for us…:-)

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