In case you are wondering about children and the adversary…(MFB=Mozart for Believers)

When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lrd and into our lives we have a tendency to think, if my experience is any sort of example, that everything is ‘ok’.  In my case, I had found what I had been searching for all along and had been told I was unworthy to receive.  I thought everything would be easier.  I could not have been more mistaken.

Growing up as a Methodist, I had treated the Bible casually, not realizing how important the Bible is as the Word of Gd.  But I had learned so the hard way — and it had brought me to a place of humility.  My attitude toward it changed, however, once I became saved.  I thought I had the inside track.  I was ‘special’.  Gd would take care of me no matter what mistakes I made.  That was and is true, and yet baby Christians can do almost as much harm ‘testing’ Gd as worldly people.  Plus, they/we now fall into the trap of spiritual pride and hypocrisy.  Oh yes, all of this is in the Bible — Luke 8, for example, tells one version of the Parable of the Sower — but having those words sink in until they mean something is quite a different thing.

And so, I raised my three children pretty much on my own.  I did my best to remove from them things that I felt exerted an unhealthy influence over them. As I soon realized that, as a musician, those attacking me were also targeting my children, I pulled back in hopes of keeping them under the radar, so to speak.  But that was not to be.

Our adversary prowls around like a lion…and it comes in after our children, no matter how much faith we may think we have, or what tools we think we can use.  It is a constant battle, and the adversary is trying to turn the family members against each other.  Most importantly, it is trying to bind the strongman or woman of the house, in order to spoil the house.  We cannot defeat this adversary in the natural.  We can call upon the Name, and we can plead the Blood and speak the Word.  And everything can still be terrifying, until our children are able to come to the Lrd themselves and learn how to do these things.


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