#MinnegeddonPartDeux — Blizzard “Juno” on Wolf’s Birthday…my response to Mr. Gilbert and the NYPhil…

To Mr. Gilbert and players of the NY Phil,

As this epic storm moves in toward the New York metro area (which is where I grew up) and may be linked to my family and me in some way, I feel strongly that I need to take this opportunity to try to connect with you and to make sure that you have valid information about us.  I realize that what I am saying is unusual, but then, so are many things about Wolfgang Mozart — and many of them are still unexplained…

My name is Pamela Brown.  I play die zauberflote — the real magic flute.  This has been confirmed by the players of the Minnesota Orchestra who have heard me play.  It seems Mozart’s last major opera was written about my family and me. The opera has, in effect, come to life in the middle of this country.  Virtually everyone at the Minnesota Orchestra is aware of this. A cadre of players in the orchestra tried to destroy me and also target my three (at the time, small) children. My ex-husband is [name deleted], a player with the MO.  I have had no alternative but to term him “Monostatos”, as his treatment of us was so vicious.

I grew up, musically speaking, on the stage at Orchestra Hall.  My teacher was Sid Zeitlin, at the time, Principal Flute of the MO. During the recent lockout I even asked Mr. Henson, Mr. Sprenger and Mr. Vanska of the orchestra to work with me as I come forward as a performer at the level of the press, but they have so far declined.  It may be that you will take an interest in my situation.  It would be a privilege to play for you.  You could also ask your colleague “PM” [name deleted] about me, as he heard me practice on the stage at Orchestra Hall at one time, and is, to some extent at least, aware of the mystery and tumult surrounding my coming forward.

Here is a link to the encore from the Die Zauberflote Holiday Concert at the Mall of America, Bloomington, MN, 12.21.2014.  The piece is “What Child is This?” With my husband, Donner Brown, also originally from New York City…


I hope you will not dismiss what I say.  I will be playing the flute for you as the storm moves through.  It always helps…


Pamela Brown



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