What is die zauberflote? A gift? A Mystery?(MFB=Mozart for Believers)

As I have lived with this gift all my life and look at it from the inside it is not easy for me to translate my experience into something that makes sense to those on the outside. I have stumbled many times, and, unfortunately, inadvertently created adversaries because I did not have the right words. But let me try once more…

To me, the gift that I call die Zauberflote in the natural I also call “the pearl of great price” as a Christian. It is something special, something nurturing, warm and healing. It can also act like a sword and cut through lies, pulling out the truth of situations. This gift has turned my family upside down. At times it has seemed to generate more stress than shalom, but I have learned that these ‘waves’ of the ‘vortex’ that seems to be created end up using everything for good and restoring us to a place of gentleness and trust.

That die Zauberflote is a mystery is a quality that took me a long time to discern. Some seem to ‘get’ it quickly, others do not and can have quite a negative reactions. Some stamp their feet; others gnash their teeth. I never know just what to expect. So this is not a concept that can be broadcast across the planet – it is something that each individual needs to determine whether it is relevant to them or not.

What I have witnessed, and have had confirmed by other evangelical Christians, is that die Zauberflote is, in fact, a gift of the Holy Spirit. As a result, it has the qualities consistent with that Holy Spirit. It can only be used in gentleness and honesty. If anyone tries to use it against Gd’s will for worldly purposes, to quench or divert it in any way, there are negative results. Just the same, the natural tendency of those who stumble over it seems to be to try to make of it a common thing in order to try to use it to generate substance in a way Gd did not intend.

In the world, those with a trained ear have acknowledged that there is something in the energy that connects die Zauberflote to Mozart. For some of these people, listening to die Zauberflote can be difficult or even overwhelming. In a musical respect, it is a gift of perfection, such as that of a perfect fourth or fifth, as contrasted with a major or minor interval. Some seem to consider this gift threatening as a result.

I will leave it to you to determine as you listen to die Zauberflote what to think about it. If you feel called to join with us by supporting us through prayer or even working with us, please let us know. If not, I know you will be blessed by this gift some other way. I ask only that you not libel or slander something just because it is a mystery to you. By keeping an open and gentle mind, all will work together for good.


(MFB) Wolfgang Mozart — lessons and a living legacy…

Without going into too much detail, let me assure you that studying the life of Wolfgang Mozart, not only his music, can provide you with life lessons you may not learn anywhere else.  For one thing, he was the world’s first musical superstar.  He never knew the meaning of anonymity.  Everywhere he went he created turmoil.  Even as a young adult his older peers were plotting against him, slyly insinuating that it was Leopold, not Wolf, who was behind his brilliant compositions.  But Mozart walked a tightrope for quite a while, and then fell very far.  As unusual as his gifts were in music, his understanding of human nature was immature and in some respects self-destructive.

However, no matter how much controversy, earned or not, Wolf was generating, he never complained.  He moved forward with everyone Gd put in his path, friend or foe.  Though there is ample documentation of his outrage at the manner in which he and his gifts were treated, the most obviously eggregious being his last bout with Count Arco, there is no indication that he acted in malice toward anyone.  That said, he did not mince words about his adversaries, so certainly was no prude.

Nevertheless, to see such gentle courage, undaunted by the relatively uncertain financial future he was facing in spite of his prodigious output, a number of which were masterpieces, he forged ahead with good will.  He never complained.  He never gave up.  Not even at his last breath when, I believe, he was giving breath to the opera that would in the future become, not only a source of immediate income for his family, but his living legacy 200 years into the future…

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