#MinnegeddonPartDeux — Yoo Hoo, “Monostatos”, I’m ready for my close-up…

About time…:-)

Le Chant du Rossignol...(song of the nightingale)

For a very long time the individual that I have termed “Monostatos” (from a sinister character in Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute) has worked furiously to lock me out of opportunities and possibilities in all the areas of classical music which which this person has a connection.  This person has slandered me day and night for many years, attempting also to influence my dear children and family members.  This has taken an enormous toll on all of us, as this person has ‘credibility’ in the classical musical world, while I (as yet) do not.

I am asking this person to come forward and do the right thing.  Seems to me the lid cannot be kept on much longer anyhow.  This person’s only real claim to fame is that they did their best to lock out Mozart (me with die zauberflote).  This has person has led at least one orchestra astray.

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#MinnegeddonPartDeux…just how does a band that locked-out Mozart make a ‘comeback’? :-0 (M4B)*

Insight re Monostatos’ Orchestra and die zauberflote…

Le Chant du Rossignol...(song of the nightingale)

Monostatos’ Orchestra seems to be attempting to go through a sort of rebirth.  After the contentious and bitter lockout, which may well, in fact, have been in response to their, in effect, locking Mozart out some time ago, in terms of the great gift that I call die zauberflote, they seem to want to put the dismal recent past events behind by making a foray into new performing territory (not a bad idea) and conducting a media blitz intended to showcase them as ‘new’.  Frankly, virtually nothing about this organization is ‘new’.  In fact, what we may well be seeing is more of the ‘same-old, same-old’.  Not that the ‘same-old’ is ‘bad’, just that it is predictably the same — a veneer of ‘grace’ and ‘loveliness’ masking the fact that its ‘voice’ (if you can even call it that) is empty and dead…

Why, you might ask, am I not…

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Die Zauberflote…this is Mozart…

From the time of Wolfgang Mozart’s (untimely) death, fascination has swirled about who will be the ‘next’ Mozart.  Various proteges, from Mendelssohn to Paganini were touted as possible contenders because of the brilliance and agility of their gifts.  Recently, a little girl pianist was apparently being prepped to move into position.  However, before long, all of these candidates have seemed to fall short, and the promise fizzled out.  How can this be, everyone wonders?  There just has to be ‘another’ Mozart sooner or later.

Well, I can comfortably tell you that, no, that will not happen.  There will never be another Wolfgang Mozart.  Why Gd would want to put another one on the earth after how badly Wolf was treated, one can hardly imagine.  For one of the secrets about the life and death of Wolfgang Mozart, imo, is that he was deliberately deceived, cheated, maligned and then killed.  No, not by Salieri, as the dreadful play/movie “Amadeus” would suggest, but by something even more sinister — something I call the ‘vortex of the evil eye’.  This even involved a family member.

So, no, there will be no opportunity, imo, for the world to disrespect another Wolfgang Mozart, try to throw him to the wolves in order to steal his music and vampirize the (secret) great Gift he was given to be used for money, against Gd’s will.  However, in dying as he did, and under such tragic and ironic circumstances — while composing his own Requium (at his little wife’s insistence) after having premiered the great (and prophetic) opera of hope and joy, The Magic Flute, Wolf gave birth to something more — die zauberflote itself, the real magic flute.  Just the sound of it is enough to turn those with a musical ear into vicious animals.  And, ironically, and ultimately, it is this gift, this ineffable mystery, that is at the core and substance of all that Wolfgang Mozart composed.  It is that simple…and that profound…

Christians who slander…(MFB)…:-0

The Bible specifically warns us against slander, which is bearing false witness about someone.  Here is a list of verses on this topic: http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Bible-Verses-About-Slander/.  One would think it would be evident to everyone who considers themselves to be a Christian that slander and libel are wrong.  One might think there would be something pricking their conscience, some little bit of light that says, “Whoa Nelly!” But that does not seem to be the case.

Unfortunately, slander and libel seem to go hand-in-hand with die zauberflote.  To those in the world, one could hardly expect more from them, as experiencing die zauberflote seems to be generally overwhelming and can seem to be unnerving.  But one would think that Christians would be a step above such nonsense.  Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.  While countless Christians have experienced die zauberflote, you have probably not heard any of them saying anything about it. Even more to the point, were you to ask any of them (including, unfortunately, some family members) about it or me you would probably hear a libelous diatribe.  Why?  It has finally dawned on me that people seem to think that flattering me to my face and trying to become my friend, and then trashing die zauberflote and me behind my back generates the possibility of ‘stealing’ the energy of die zauberflote and using it to one’s own ends.  Of course, that cannot happen in reality.  It is an illusion.  Nevertheless, it is a dangerous one, and one that has already cost many people dearly.  I can, unfortunately, say with all sincerity that the aisles of Orchestra Hall are imo already filled with the corpses of those who tried to steal die zauberflote.  Why would I want there to be any more?  And yet, wherever I go this threat exists — and to my mind it is the Christians who are the worst offenders.  They should know better.  They should think twice…

#Minnegeddon Part Deux — What about the citizens who contribute to Monostatos’ Orchestra? :-0


Le Chant du Rossignol...(song of the nightingale)

If you have an arts organization you typically have faith in it — implicit in the existence of a musical organization is the inference that they treasure all things musical, and will search high and low to bring forth to their supporters the best and greatest they can find.  When one donates to such an organization the trust in their veracity is a big part of the willingness to do so.  But what happens if such an organization is positioning itself to withhold from its supporters, not to mention, its audiences, something of great significance in the history of music?  What if they have staked out colleagues to assist in this endeavor?  What if they are insisting on pretending that ‘everything is just the same’ when they know first hand that this is not the case?

Do the citizens who are contributing to this organization have any right to know…

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