#Minnegeddon Part Deux — What about the citizens who contribute to Monostatos’ Orchestra? :-0


Le Chant du Rossignol...(song of the nightingale)

If you have an arts organization you typically have faith in it — implicit in the existence of a musical organization is the inference that they treasure all things musical, and will search high and low to bring forth to their supporters the best and greatest they can find.  When one donates to such an organization the trust in their veracity is a big part of the willingness to do so.  But what happens if such an organization is positioning itself to withhold from its supporters, not to mention, its audiences, something of great significance in the history of music?  What if they have staked out colleagues to assist in this endeavor?  What if they are insisting on pretending that ‘everything is just the same’ when they know first hand that this is not the case?

Do the citizens who are contributing to this organization have any right to know…

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