Die Zauberflote…this is Mozart…

From the time of Wolfgang Mozart’s (untimely) death, fascination has swirled about who will be the ‘next’ Mozart.  Various proteges, from Mendelssohn to Paganini were touted as possible contenders because of the brilliance and agility of their gifts.  Recently, a little girl pianist was apparently being prepped to move into position.  However, before long, all of these candidates have seemed to fall short, and the promise fizzled out.  How can this be, everyone wonders?  There just has to be ‘another’ Mozart sooner or later.

Well, I can comfortably tell you that, no, that will not happen.  There will never be another Wolfgang Mozart.  Why Gd would want to put another one on the earth after how badly Wolf was treated, one can hardly imagine.  For one of the secrets about the life and death of Wolfgang Mozart, imo, is that he was deliberately deceived, cheated, maligned and then killed.  No, not by Salieri, as the dreadful play/movie “Amadeus” would suggest, but by something even more sinister — something I call the ‘vortex of the evil eye’.  This even involved a family member.

So, no, there will be no opportunity, imo, for the world to disrespect another Wolfgang Mozart, try to throw him to the wolves in order to steal his music and vampirize the (secret) great Gift he was given to be used for money, against Gd’s will.  However, in dying as he did, and under such tragic and ironic circumstances — while composing his own Requium (at his little wife’s insistence) after having premiered the great (and prophetic) opera of hope and joy, The Magic Flute, Wolf gave birth to something more — die zauberflote itself, the real magic flute.  Just the sound of it is enough to turn those with a musical ear into vicious animals.  And, ironically, and ultimately, it is this gift, this ineffable mystery, that is at the core and substance of all that Wolfgang Mozart composed.  It is that simple…and that profound…


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