Learning from the past — Hitler as a great deceiver…(M4B*)

My reply to a thread at the Now the End Begins Blog:

What we don’t hear about so much now, as, in hindsight, everyone can see what a monster Hitler was, is that he was first a great deceiver. He had no intention of going to war with Western Europe, and hoped to take over that land through pretending that he wanted peace. His eyes were set on Russia, to which he wanted to expand to give the German people more room.

Hitler was very charming and charismatic in his early years. He even captivated the Prince of Wales, who briefly became Edward VIII and his wife-to-be Wallis Simpson. He also gained the support of Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, and Joseph P. Kennedy, who was called back from the Court of St. James by FDR as a Hitler appeaser. Whomever will end up on the world stage at the Anti-Christ will also at first be a great deceiver, coming in with what look like good credentials, great charm and an ability to motivate others. We must always be ready for that…

*M4B=Mozart For Believers…

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