Helping to create a safe place…a ‘Petra’…M4B*

During the time I have lived in the Twin Cities, I have considered myself, in effect, ‘locked-out’ of the major venues where performing Wolf’s music is relished.  But in addition to performing locally on my own, I play the flute every day for everyone I know who needs help.  In addition, I frequently feel called to go to a particular place or area and play the flute, and I do that as well.  As I ask in prayer what is happening, it is my impression that a ‘safe haven’ is being created in this area of the state, a place where Gd’s children can be safe under all circumstances.  This is, to say the least, an awesome concept, and one that is humbling to me.  So, while even some who know of me and die zauberflote refuse to lift a finger to help us (or, unfortunately, do things even worse than that) I have the awesome comfort of knowing that good is being done just the same.  Every day is an adventure in faith…:-)

*M4B=Mozart for Believers


Deceit, phony Christians, and apostasy…M4B*

The Bible states unequivocally that the Enemy disguises itself as an ‘angel of light’…  Just the same, most of us, when going into any church or talking with anyone who says they are a Christian, tend to give people a free pass.  We tend to anticipate that evil will be obvious.  We tend to let our guard down with others, especially when they say they are Christians.  However, that mistake can have deadly consequences, for a number of people claiming to be Christians are using that as a facade to insinuate themselves into your life.

We know that this is historically true, as many of the Nazis were “Christians”.  In fact, Hitler even claimed to be a Catholic.  Throughout history there are countless examples of people insinuating themselves into the lives of sincere Christians and turning everything upside down, often with dire consequences.  In fact, in addition to putting on the full armour of Gd (Ephesians 6), which we are told to do daily, the Bible instructs us to test everything:  In that light, rather than initiating relationships with a spirit of open and uncritical acceptance, it might be wiser and more practical to begin to interact with new people cautiously.  Jesus also spoke about looking at the ‘fruit’ of behavior (without judging).  Is someone repeatedly less than honest?  Does someone act as though they may have hidden ill-intent?  All of these things may be clues to a truly phony Christian — a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

But, in my long an arduous adventure of being held hostage, so to speak, at various stages of my life by people presenting themselves as Christians whose fruit were, in fact, corrupt, there is one consistent emotion that I have experienced — a sense of creepiness.  They may say all the right things, but something just seems a little bit off.  There is something that puts you on edge, but you don’t know why.  You may even experience a sense of dread as one of them tries to reel you in.  When you experience that sensation of creepiness you may, in fact, be dealing with the darkest levels of phony Christianity — apostasy and blasphemy.  An apostate is someone who doesn’t bother to listen for Gds voice anymore.  A blasphemer will ridicule the power of the Holy Spirit and declare such falsehoods as ,”Gd couldn’t possibly heal me of this!”, or “There is no way Gd can forgive me.” Such outrageous statements may be uttered in ignorance, in which case there is no lasting sin, but it is always wise to just step back, take a deep breath, and ask the Lrd for guidance.

There may be phony Christians in your family structure; people whom you cannot avoid all together.  You may find that they have a tendency to like to wait until they think you are vulnerable and then pounce, to create a losing situation for you.  Here you need to wage spiritual warfare.  It is not easy.  But Gd can claim the victory wherever you are.

*M4B=Mozart for Believers

MinnegeddonPartDeux — just for “Karin” and “Starla”…really, ladies? Really? :-0

In the novel “Piper to the Alternative”, Pamina’s mother is Mildred Payne.  She is the great Queen of the Night.  She hurls down curses with a bolt of lightning.  She emanates charm that can seem almost irresistible.  At other times, the air glows black and white with the depth of her profound wickedness.

Mildred was also an adept at various evil strategies.  One of them, in fact, perhaps her favorite, was that of finesse.  In order to accomplish this, you set your prey up through flattery and deceit, and then move in to destroy them, getting them to do something or give up information they would never otherwise do.

By the time of MinnegeddonPartDeux (post Monostatos’ Orchestra lockout) Mildred is dead.  A few proxies seem to have tried to step up to the plate.  They too try to corner Pamina and cause her harm. They seem intent on becoming Mildred’s little mini-me’s.  Of course, the energy of the great die zauberflote protects Pamina.  And, as it might be expected, Pamina has learned from her experiences with her mother how to finesse her adversaries…

So instead of a slanted field, there is instead an even one…:-)

Minnegeddon, Mr. Vanska, Mr Schrickel and The Bridge…

On August 1, 2007 my grown children and I left the Twin Cities to perform for and participate in a birthday celebration the following day for my Mother in Washington, D.C.  As we practiced at a neighbor of my sister’s where we were staying (they had a piano) we were interrupted by very puzzling and horrifying news reports of a bridge collapse in the Twin Cities.  We rushed to a computer but the internet connection was extremely slow, and it was difficult to even get photos or information about the event.  We were stunned — this is the bridge we used regularly to go from my house to my childrens’ homes.  I had been on the bridge a day or so earlier.  I recalled that there was a lot of equipment in the middle of the bridge.  It seemed very strange at the time, but obviously, some repairs were needed.  But this was almost unthinkable — that this huge high bridge had just collapsed into the Mississippi River.  But there it was.  We were able to confirm that family and friends were ok, but were severely shaken by the event and the fact that we were so far away and unable to be of help if needed.

The birthday celebration went well and we returned to Minnesota a few days later, early in the day.  I whispered a prayer that our landing pattern would be over the Minnesota River on the parallel runways at MSP, but no, we began our descent into the Twin Cities in a path that seemed to deliberately target the mangled bridge — and there it was, twisted and ripped apart, vehicles scattered like children’s blocks, in the river.  By then we knew of the lives lost, the many injured, the children on the yellow schoolbus who had been miraculously able to escape. The frustration and sadness were almost overwhelming.

A few years later Mr. Vanska, of the Minnesota Orchestra, who lived near the bridge, wrote a piece about it.  It was premiered by the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Mr. Schrickel: The piece was extremely well-received and undoubtedly helped to cement Mr. Vanska’s connection to the people of Minnesota.

Move forward to the MO lockout, which, in addition to the horrendous need for dignity and fairness for the players, also may have had a tangential connection to me and my family.  So, in hopes of providing an explanation to my children about events that happened some time ago on the stage at Orchestra Hall, where I was encouraged to practice on the darkened stage by a clique of players who happened to be of ill-intent, I wrote to Mr. Vanska and asked to be heard.  I wrote that letter on August 1, 2013.  There was no reply.  A family member happened to have a connection to a colleague of Mr. Vanska’s.  I had asked for their help to make sure my letter got to him but they declined, saying they ‘didn’t want me to use their contacts.’  A few days later a freak storm hit our neighborhood, incurring over $4M worth of damages — another odd coincidence.

So here I am today, as what I call “Minnegeddon” plays itself out.  It is yet another August 1st.  We are preparing a video called “Out of Night and Fog”, and getting ready to begin our “Locked-Out” concert series — probably runouts to various places.  Who knows what twists and turns this coming year might take?  😉

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