Deceit, phony Christians, and apostasy…M4B*

The Bible states unequivocally that the Enemy disguises itself as an ‘angel of light’…  Just the same, most of us, when going into any church or talking with anyone who says they are a Christian, tend to give people a free pass.  We tend to anticipate that evil will be obvious.  We tend to let our guard down with others, especially when they say they are Christians.  However, that mistake can have deadly consequences, for a number of people claiming to be Christians are using that as a facade to insinuate themselves into your life.

We know that this is historically true, as many of the Nazis were “Christians”.  In fact, Hitler even claimed to be a Catholic.  Throughout history there are countless examples of people insinuating themselves into the lives of sincere Christians and turning everything upside down, often with dire consequences.  In fact, in addition to putting on the full armour of Gd (Ephesians 6), which we are told to do daily, the Bible instructs us to test everything:  In that light, rather than initiating relationships with a spirit of open and uncritical acceptance, it might be wiser and more practical to begin to interact with new people cautiously.  Jesus also spoke about looking at the ‘fruit’ of behavior (without judging).  Is someone repeatedly less than honest?  Does someone act as though they may have hidden ill-intent?  All of these things may be clues to a truly phony Christian — a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

But, in my long an arduous adventure of being held hostage, so to speak, at various stages of my life by people presenting themselves as Christians whose fruit were, in fact, corrupt, there is one consistent emotion that I have experienced — a sense of creepiness.  They may say all the right things, but something just seems a little bit off.  There is something that puts you on edge, but you don’t know why.  You may even experience a sense of dread as one of them tries to reel you in.  When you experience that sensation of creepiness you may, in fact, be dealing with the darkest levels of phony Christianity — apostasy and blasphemy.  An apostate is someone who doesn’t bother to listen for Gds voice anymore.  A blasphemer will ridicule the power of the Holy Spirit and declare such falsehoods as ,”Gd couldn’t possibly heal me of this!”, or “There is no way Gd can forgive me.” Such outrageous statements may be uttered in ignorance, in which case there is no lasting sin, but it is always wise to just step back, take a deep breath, and ask the Lrd for guidance.

There may be phony Christians in your family structure; people whom you cannot avoid all together.  You may find that they have a tendency to like to wait until they think you are vulnerable and then pounce, to create a losing situation for you.  Here you need to wage spiritual warfare.  It is not easy.  But Gd can claim the victory wherever you are.

*M4B=Mozart for Believers


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