Helping to create a safe place…a ‘Petra’…M4B*

During the time I have lived in the Twin Cities, I have considered myself, in effect, ‘locked-out’ of the major venues where performing Wolf’s music is relished.  But in addition to performing locally on my own, I play the flute every day for everyone I know who needs help.  In addition, I frequently feel called to go to a particular place or area and play the flute, and I do that as well.  As I ask in prayer what is happening, it is my impression that a ‘safe haven’ is being created in this area of the state, a place where Gd’s children can be safe under all circumstances.  This is, to say the least, an awesome concept, and one that is humbling to me.  So, while even some who know of me and die zauberflote refuse to lift a finger to help us (or, unfortunately, do things even worse than that) I have the awesome comfort of knowing that good is being done just the same.  Every day is an adventure in faith…:-)

*M4B=Mozart for Believers


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