Minnegeddon — Where are those who really care about Mozart? :-0

What has astonished me most on my incredible journey is how distorted a view most people have of Wolfgang Mozart and his life.  Of course, that is not helped in any way by the bulk of material written about him, as much of it is either intentionally or through carelessness slanted away from the truth of what he was really like.  It is perfectly ok to slander Mozart as a person and yet treasure his music, for example.  Anyone with a reasoning mind should stop short at that idea, and ask, ‘Why does that not make sense?” I can tell you why — there is a lot of misinfo and even disinfo about Wolfgang Mozart and what happened to him in order to dehumanize him, so that nobody will care enough about him to ask the tough questions that might lead to real answers.

Will anyone take time from there busy days and even from their fabulous performances of Wolf’s music to ask what was at the heart of his music and his life? I can assure you it was not the cold, brash, technical perfection that we tend to equate with musical excellence in this day and age — it was a gift of gentleness, a gift of shalom.

Mozart was savagely criticized for being ‘obnoxious’ and ‘arrogant’, but from his standpoint he knew he had to share and demonstrate the extraordinary nature of his gifts and was butting up against furious and devious opposition wherever he went.  His gift was different.  His gift was superior.  So rather than allow him to be respected for his gift, a clique of wicked colleagues decided to take him down. Mozart sank into a vortex of night and fog, where the truth of what happened to him was supposed to be hidden forever.

Will you stop and think, and really listen with your ears, and not just with your head, when you listen to or play his music? You just might find the ineffable joy of shalom…:-)


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