When you hear die zauberflote…(also known as “The Mozart Effect on Steroids”)…:-0 M4B*

I have lived with this extraordinary gift of die zauberflote, the real magic flute, all my life.  I have witnessed how playing it helped me to be rescued from the most seemingly impossible situations, even those of attempted murder and impending accidents.  So when I talk about it I am speaking from my own experiences.  In fact, without its gentle and graceful gift of beauty, sound, and power, I would not be here.  So you might say my perspective is not exactly objective.

For a very long time I realized that I tended to speak, as it were, from inside an opera — where things that made perfect sense to me were considered terrifying and outrageous by those on the outside.  I also gradually came to understand the profound effect that hearing die zauberflote has on others.  Some laugh, some cry, some seem to gnash their teeth, others sit in stony silence.  I can comfortably say, from my perspective, that no one hears die zauberflote without having some sort of noticeable, if not profound, reaction.

But it was what follows a hearing of die zauberflote that for many years frightened and discouraged me, for once someone experiences die zauberflote, their relationship with me begins to change.  The most improbable things begin to occur.  One of them is something I call ‘sludge’.  It is not unlike an emotional sort of quicksand. The other person seems to slow down and become tired more easily.  Now I realize that when that happens it may be that the dark angel I call Lermontov has managed to get their claws into this person.  Only constant playing the flute for that person, plus waging spiritual warfare, will help Gd use even this darker energy for good.  However, now that I realize that this can happen, I always ask listeners to ‘keep moving’ and keep a gentle heart toward Gd.  I now realize that Gd is simply getting the poison out; and after a time of upheaval all will work for good. 🙂

*M4B=Mozart For Believers


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