Minnegeddon: The most insidious form of evil, imo…what I call “Anti-Mozart”…M4B*

The world is full of people doing bad things.  Then, terrible things seem to come at us no matter what we do.  It is just a part of life.  It can be said, in fact, that the true measure of a person’s character lies in how they deal with the destructive behavior of others, as well as the elements.  But in terms of issues regarding people, it seems to me there are two kinds of bad behavior.  One is overt — people have an attitude, they may act out to demonstrate that with their dress and hair.  Like some of the old-style rock stars, they let everyone know they are “bad”.  The other is, to me, far more sinister, as it is covert.  Those who are the least people you could ever possibly consider to have ill-intent, those who are the most ‘helpful’, slowly and slyly insinuating themselves into your life, encouraging you to ‘trust’ them, and to rely on them as a ‘friend’, can weave the greatest webs of destruction.  They may look just like everyone else — purposefully ‘vanilla’, so as to appear trustworthy.  They may have advanced degrees or good jobs, and appear ‘respectable’. But, make no mistake, deceit of this sort is just as deadly as someone assaulting you in your house with a firearm.

Wolfgang Mozart, for example, was imo conditioned to ‘trust’ people who appeared to be supporting him but who, in fact, carried murderous ill-intent toward him.  It is likely that he was conditioned by birth.  His father, Leopold, is a good candidate for the one who exploited him in this way.  I have wondered, especially when visiting Paris, whether the untimely death of Mozart’s mother (which Leopold then blamed on Wolf) was in any way related to her lack of protection for him as a child.  Tracks were made so that Wolf was vulnerable to the same type of ‘controller’ his father had been.  It is my thinking that Nannerl tried to step up to the plate too.  Her treatment of Wolf was little short of despicable.

But then Wolf met Constanze, and to whatever extent he realized what his father had been doing, probably felt as though he had been let out of jail.  Here was someone he could trust, someone who would support him no matter what.  But that was not to be the case, for Constanze only appeared to continue what Leopold had started, with dire consequences.

That the Mozart family was aware of Constanze’s usurping their position as Wolf’s ‘controller’ is evidenced in the fact that Leopold and Nannerl are buried in one spot in Salzburg, and Constanze in another.  This was very serious business to them.  After all, the Mozart g’zillions were at stake.  Of course, Constanze walked off with all of Wolf’s music as well as her reputation as his ‘grieving widow’.  And his sons.  Who would not extend compassion to them?  But I consider Constanze the most sinister of them all.  In fact, I think she killed him.

*M4B-Mozart For Believers


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