Wolfgang Mozart’s extended family? :-)

While the underworld of music locks us out, and others try to silence us, a hardy group I will call, with some validity “Mozart’s extended family” is coming through the vortex and out of night and fog, through the power and beauty of die zauberflote — having been tested and tried under some extraordinary conditions.

You have heard me speak of my husband (a mystery character) as well as  my longest-best friend (Papageno). You’ve heard my fear speaking of my mother (Queen of the Night) and her handmaiden, my sister.  I’ve mentioned my dear father, who gave me my flute. You’ve listened to me bewail the wickedness of the group of players at the MO — one in particular, a bass player (the lowest of the low) — that I have termed “Monostatos”.

But while the world seemed to be locking us out, our family has grown.  I can say with great certainty that the reality is even more stunning and exciting than the opera.  Who knew! 🙂

One, I hope, is destined to be a preacher, two others are teachers; one a software engineer, another a mechanical engineer, three with golden voices — one of them with a voice that also shatters glass! And that’s just for starters!

How lucky and blessed could one person be? 🙂


Why die zauberflote? M4B* :-0

What is it about the sound of die zauberflote — the real magic flute about which the opera was written — that is special?  What makes it different? From my perspective I can tell you, first of all, that playing the flute is a humbling experience. I can wake up in the morning, set out what I want to accomplish, get my practice schedule in order and then, all of a sudden, everything turns upside down.  Every time I play things change.  I feel that I am in the center of a huge vortex that keeps swirling around.  Sometimes things get very scary, but they always manage to turn around and work for good.

As I have lived with this energy of die zauberflote all my life, so to speak, it has been difficult for me to step outside of the box and perceive what it is that seems to create such tumult and conflict about die zauberflote.  With my present understanding I can simply say that it seems that when I play die zauberflote it is as though Wolfgang Mozart is in the room.  There is an energy, a joy, a brilliance, an excitement, that seems to be unique.

I have never understood why the energy of die zauberflote seems to frighten some talented players, but it does.  Just the same, they are missing the point, as die zauberflote is a gift — a gift of gentleness, a gift of shalom.

die zauberflote is how I pray. Whenever I pick up the flute and consider a person or situation while playing, everything tends to turn upside down in their life and then work for good.  It always helps.

die zauberflote is also, I believe and have been told, a gift of the Holy Spirit.  It has those qualities, and can become, initially, a stumbling block to some.  But if they just maintain a gentle heart, everything works for good.  If not, it seems that whatever they wish for me becomes their fate.  This is very frightening to me.  I can say with sincerity that I am afraid that the aisles of Orchestra Hall are already filled with the corpses of those who have tried to block die zauberflote.  Why would I ever want there to be any more?  For this reason, I am sharing what I know…

So, if you could consider that die zauberflote represents the voice of Wolf, who was murdered, I believe, but not completely silenced, I think you will have the best orientation for experiencing it as, not a threat, but a profound gift. I’m not supposed to be here either.  I consider my own life a miracle as well…:-)

M4B=Mozart For Believers

“Locked-Out Mozart Holiday Concert”

mrmmilonmeWe are rolling out our “Locked-Out Mozart” concert tour with our Holiday Concert December 21, 2105 at 4 p.m. at the Mall of America Rotunda in Bloomington, MN.  Join us to listen to the unparalleled beauty of the sound of die zauberflote — the real magic flute.  It is because of die zauberflote that “Monostatos’ Orchestra” has locked us out — it may well be because of die zauberflote that Wolfgang Mozart was murdered.

My husband Donner and I have come through the trials and tribulations of what seems to be a vortex of time and space.  We have been slandered and ridiculed, and — oh yes! — locked out by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry that you can imagine.  We are a bit tired and probably look a little worn at the edges, but we have survived, nonetheless, heartbreak and brutality not only from those whom we know casually, but from our own kin, our own flesh and blood.

We ask  not that you believe what we say, but that you listen and decide for yourselves what to think.  We ask that you listen with your ears and not, as the underworld of music seems to want you to, with your head.

We will be reaching out to people and organizations whom we believe may be able to help us with our subsequent “Locked-Out Mozart” concerts.  We are also looking for anyone who feels drawn to help us or work with us or even perform with us.  Of course, if you too happen to have been locked-out, that can only be a plus!

We also look forward to doing some “Locked-Out Mozart” runouts, so if you live away from the Twin Cities, don’t hesitate to ask us to come to you.  We extend to you the greatest blessings of this holiday season.

With our thanks,

Pamela and Donner Brown (and our wonderful horse Miles) 🙂


My 3 K’s..my older son…M4B*

Me with my three K's...:-)
How happy we were before Monostatos…:-0

I have been blessed with three children.  That there are any at all is little short of a miracle, due in significant part to the fact that, as a teenager, I found babies terrifying and unpredictable.  However, when I reached a point in my life where I knew that if I only lived for myself I would dry up on the inside and be a hollow shell of a person, I realized was ready, at least in part, to become a mother.

Born in San Francisco, on a rainy day in early December, a child who would never know what life was like before man landed on the moon, my older son was a miracle beyond comprehension.  With complete confidence he surveyed his surroundings. He was comfortable with everyone and everything.  At six weeks he flew with me to the East Coast to begin a new life in Boston.  In his infant seat, looking out the window, he was completely at home in the air.

All our lives have been a veritable rollercoaster since then.  We have experienced more confusion, mystery, excitement and terror than we could possibly have imagined.

And out of this, I hope and pray, is everything working for good.  Coming through the night and fog of the vortex, coming out of the fires of testing, is someone unique.  I am a teacher.  I do think that he may be a preacher…:-)

M4B=Mozart For Believers…



A very Nazi Xmas…M4B*

We are all supposed to think that WWII ended in 1945 and all traces of Nazism are either demolished or illegal, but, speaking of my own experience, I must disagree…

When I was growing up, I felt as though I were living in some sort of bizarre Nazi camp; one not unlike Dora from which the illegally housed immigants were worked to death in the military installations of Mittlework and Nordhausen to create the fantastic V-1 and V-2 rockets.  I am exaggerating, of course, to some extent, for literally speaking, my existence was far superior to theirs.  However, emotionally and spritually speaking, there was an unfortunate relevance.

Of all the persecution that I received in my birth family, one of the most hideous aspects of it was the spectacle called “Christmas”.  I call it “Xmas”, as it blotted out every conceivable vestige of what The Lrd Jesus Christ is really all about. Ours was about tinsel and cotton padding on the mantel, and was as empty.

The worst trick that my Mother seemed to enjoy playing on that holiday was what I ended up calling a game of ‘substitution’.  Whatever gifts it was that I wanted usually ended up on my sister’s chair, while my gifts were things that were irrelevant to me, such as a holder for my records, or sports equipment which I had no interest in.  I learned to prepare for the indignity by locating as many gifts as possible ahead of time, so that my sister would not see me reduced to tears Xmas morning.  Apparently, the theme of my life, according to my birth family, was supposed to have been that ‘god’ (whatever that was) was blessing my sister and cursing me.

This was such a strange and lonely time of year.  We had no family in Connecticut.  A colleague of my father’s included us every Thanksgiving as extended family, but at Xmas time we were on our own. I used to think that the Nazi’s must have celebrated Xmas in a similar way — with their haves and have nots, blotting out everything that was true and graceful and substituting that which is cold and dark.   When I grew older and became involved with a family who had come to the US after the war as part of Wernher Von Braun’s team (specializing in jet engines, however; not rockets) I came to understand that my impressions of our family Xmas were not at all incorrect.

Since those sad times I have been able for the most part to happily let go of Xmas almost entirely.  I don’t decorate, and only participate when I feel I have no choice.  I always preferred Chanukah anyhow. 🙂

*M4B=Mozart For Believers


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