My 3 K’ older son…M4B*

Me with my three K's...:-)
How happy we were before Monostatos…:-0

I have been blessed with three children.  That there are any at all is little short of a miracle, due in significant part to the fact that, as a teenager, I found babies terrifying and unpredictable.  However, when I reached a point in my life where I knew that if I only lived for myself I would dry up on the inside and be a hollow shell of a person, I realized was ready, at least in part, to become a mother.

Born in San Francisco, on a rainy day in early December, a child who would never know what life was like before man landed on the moon, my older son was a miracle beyond comprehension.  With complete confidence he surveyed his surroundings. He was comfortable with everyone and everything.  At six weeks he flew with me to the East Coast to begin a new life in Boston.  In his infant seat, looking out the window, he was completely at home in the air.

All our lives have been a veritable rollercoaster since then.  We have experienced more confusion, mystery, excitement and terror than we could possibly have imagined.

And out of this, I hope and pray, is everything working for good.  Coming through the night and fog of the vortex, coming out of the fires of testing, is someone unique.  I am a teacher.  I do think that he may be a preacher…:-)

M4B=Mozart For Believers…




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