“Locked-Out Mozart Holiday Concert”

mrmmilonmeWe are rolling out our “Locked-Out Mozart” concert tour with our Holiday Concert December 21, 2105 at 4 p.m. at the Mall of America Rotunda in Bloomington, MN.  Join us to listen to the unparalleled beauty of the sound of die zauberflote — the real magic flute.  It is because of die zauberflote that “Monostatos’ Orchestra” has locked us out — it may well be because of die zauberflote that Wolfgang Mozart was murdered.

My husband Donner and I have come through the trials and tribulations of what seems to be a vortex of time and space.  We have been slandered and ridiculed, and — oh yes! — locked out by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry that you can imagine.  We are a bit tired and probably look a little worn at the edges, but we have survived, nonetheless, heartbreak and brutality not only from those whom we know casually, but from our own kin, our own flesh and blood.

We ask  not that you believe what we say, but that you listen and decide for yourselves what to think.  We ask that you listen with your ears and not, as the underworld of music seems to want you to, with your head.

We will be reaching out to people and organizations whom we believe may be able to help us with our subsequent “Locked-Out Mozart” concerts.  We are also looking for anyone who feels drawn to help us or work with us or even perform with us.  Of course, if you too happen to have been locked-out, that can only be a plus!

We also look forward to doing some “Locked-Out Mozart” runouts, so if you live away from the Twin Cities, don’t hesitate to ask us to come to you.  We extend to you the greatest blessings of this holiday season.

With our thanks,

Pamela and Donner Brown (and our wonderful horse Miles) 🙂



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