Wolfgang Mozart’s extended family? :-)

While the underworld of music locks us out, and others try to silence us, a hardy group I will call, with some validity “Mozart’s extended family” is coming through the vortex and out of night and fog, through the power and beauty of die zauberflote — having been tested and tried under some extraordinary conditions.

You have heard me speak of my husband (a mystery character) as well as  my longest-best friend (Papageno). You’ve heard my fear speaking of my mother (Queen of the Night) and her handmaiden, my sister.  I’ve mentioned my dear father, who gave me my flute. You’ve listened to me bewail the wickedness of the group of players at the MO — one in particular, a bass player (the lowest of the low) — that I have termed “Monostatos”.

But while the world seemed to be locking us out, our family has grown.  I can say with great certainty that the reality is even more stunning and exciting than the opera.  Who knew! 🙂

One, I hope, is destined to be a preacher, two others are teachers; one a software engineer, another a mechanical engineer, three with golden voices — one of them with a voice that also shatters glass! And that’s just for starters!

How lucky and blessed could one person be? 🙂


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