The ‘Locked-Out Mozart’ list…The “Shackles” School M4B*

Starting the New Year off on the right foot, I will be providing information, not using the actual names, of course, of organizations that have, in one way or another, effectively locked me, my husband and die zauberflote out. I will explain how this happened to the best of my ability, as well as do my best to describe the organization and use it as an symbol to represent something that I consider to be false.

My first foray into this arena involves a private school that claims to have a Christian mission and outlook. So far, so good. It also specializes in a certain form of education termed “Classical”. If you research this, you will find that a Classical education does, in many ways, fill in the gaps of what is available to students in the public education sector. It relies on memorization, logic, rhetoric, all areas that have long ago for the most part fallen by the wayside in public education, the purpose of which seems to be to create good followers, not unusual leaders. So again, all well and good. How can you go wrong, right?

Unfortunately, there is a little bit more to providing a true Christian environment than just saying so. In fact, perhaps the most serious criticism I have of this type of school is that the leaders are not only spiritually immature but they are so wrapped up in making a success of the school they have become ignorant of their supreme arrogance and superficiality. To add to the problem, they seem to have surrounded themselves with others of the same level of understanding, and so, in effect, have created their own little world. If you dare to criticize what they are doing you are met with outrage. If you try to point them to the Wrd they may attack you. Yes, I think you’re starting to get the message I am sending your way — an environment such as this can become vulnerable to being some sort of cult. Whether or not that is actually the case, I do not know. There does seem to be an undercurrent of the ‘end of the world’ philosophy, and the need to prepare to survive the Tribulation. (That, on its own, might raise a red flag, as some Christians tend to think that the ‘real Christians’ will be raptured prior to the Tribulation. :-0)

As this school grew and developed I was hopeful yet baffled. Everything seemed to be so right, but something was wrong. I could not figure it out. Then I was invited to perform at the school for a program they were doing. I was given no introduction as either a musician or a Christian. No mention was made of this great gift of die zauberflote even though the person who requested me to perform is a family member. Lovely performance of the Bach unaccompanied flute sonata, nice reception. As I left the school there was a large van farther up the driveway. All of a sudden it went into reverse and came towards my car at full throttle. By the time I was able to hit the horn, the van had crashed into the front of my vintage Honda Accord, squashing my “Pamina” license plate! The driver got out, was very apologetic. Seemed she had ‘forgotten her keys’ :-0. My hood would not open and my radiator was cracked, but she said she would send me an amount for the damage and asked me not to go to my insurance agent. She sent me a check for $300 with a nice note that said this is what Gd had “told her to send me.” That was enough to fix just the hood. I didn’t ask her for money to fix the radiator. I knew there was a lesson to be learned by this, but I had no idea what it was. This was a very odd wakeup call.

During most of this time I had been giving money to the school. When I felt a young family member was, in essence, being ‘trapped’ in the school, which had very limited opportunities for their area of expertise, I was railed at and bullied by my family member. At about this time the headmaster and my family member arranged a coffee event apparently only designed to convince me to give substantial sums of money from an inheritance I had recently unexpectedly received, to — guess where — their school. As the headmaster spoke, her teeth seemed to become larger and brighter — I felt like Little Red Riding Hood. I left the little ‘chat’ trembling with anger. Fortunately, once again, an unsettling event served as a significant clue. I decided to research the school online and found one review that summed up my experience — “They talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. Run from these people”…

During this time, also, the school had become more and more closely aligned with another adversary of mine — guess what– Monostatos’ Orchestra. A handful of employees and even an adviser had in the past or currently some connection to this organization. Upon that realization I started asking the really tough questions — was it possible that this school was developed with an intent to use die zauberflote against Gd’s will to make money for the school, or was it just an odd coincidence that this seemed to be happening? We as Believers know from the book of Acts, Chapter 5, of the antics of Ananias and Sephira. They tried to test the Holy Spirit and ended up dead on the spot. I also began to wonder if the school was deliberately designed to present the students with a false gospel that, in effect, ‘locked-out’ the real Holy Spirit or if their beliefs were simply immature? Needless to say, I began waging spiritual warfare on behalf of the children, and hope to be mistaken. This school ought to provide the students with not only learning but character sufficient for them to be truly inspired Christian leaders for the rest of their lives. Was it doing this, or causing them to be bound by the wiles of the adversary? Does the staff have any idea the stranglehold the adversary has managed to put on these children?

This time, when a request for money comes, I will explain that we are partnering with organizations who are willing to support us and die zauberflote, and perhaps host a concert. Hopefully, that will get their minds working…:-0

M4B=Mozart For Believers


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