Wolfgang Mozart and the “Amadeus” slander factory…

Recently I taught a room full of second-graders for the day.  It was an interesting experience.  During storytelling time the lesson plan (devised by the regular teacher) instructed them to sit cross-legged on small carpet squares while the story was read.  It was, to me, a rather confusing story — Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but in a play put on by penguins.  So, to some extent, I don’t hold it against the students that not all were interested.

I discovered quickly that half of the class had decided on their own not to sit and listen to the story.  Instead, they were running around ‘cleaning up’ the classroom and chattering. I thanked the students who had been on task and was planning to take down their names (from their name tags) so that their teacher would give them credit for this.  Then, one of the off-task girls came running up to me, very excited.  “Mrs. B, we’ve all  written our names on the blackboard so that our teacher will know we were the ones that cleaned up the room!”.  I nodded and smiled to myself.  It was, in fact, possible to outsmart a second-grader!  On my notes to the lesson plan I added, “It looks like all the students who were off-task during the reading time have written their names on the blackboard.”

And what does this have to do with Wolfgang Mozart?  Or me, for that matter? Most anyone who knows anything about Wolf will acknowledge that either he had some very bad luck during his life or there were a number of people bad-mouthing him wherever he went.  When else has a musician simply out to do their job created such controversy?  But, no matter where Wolf turned, he was met by those trying to block him and destroy his credibility.  It is my position that he was slandered, and the slander contributed to his untimely death.  And it is my belief that the movie “Amadeus” combines most of the slanderous myths about him into one carefully-crafted package so that anybody could simply ridicule Mozart as a person while stealing his music and performing as though they were he. One or two even seem to think they have had the inside track.

When I started writing Piper to the Alternative long ago, amidst considerable controversy — one instructor at the Loft even attempted to steal the manuscript — I wrote about the “Vienna Mystery” surrounding Mozart’s death.  I saw that there was a vortex of negative energy around him that I call the “vortex of the evil eye” that caused his death.  A number of people close to him had agreed to his murder. They treated him as though he was already dead and waited for something to happen.  A few of them actually did cause him bodily harm — to weaken him. He never knew where the next attack would come from. At that time I had no understanding that my family and I too might possibly be victims of that negative vortex.

Now I know that this is indeed what happened to Mozart.  The current pandemic is, ironically, releasing the truth of this long-held secret.  The lawlessness of those who have tried to silence his Zauberflote is becoming visible at the level of the public. They have all written their names on the chalkboard.

They, like the second-graders, have managed to solve the problem for me.  And, as Minnegeddon unfolds, I think you will be able to see them more clearly if you wish…


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