When you listen to die zauberflote…:-0 M4B*

Once I understood the overwhelming consequences, I became convinced that I have no alternative but to describe a worst-case-scenario in regards to listening to die zauberflote…(the real magic flute, not the opera by Mozart written about it)…

This conviction is due to the fact that, when I was a child, one family member died by their own hand and another almost succeeded in doing so, while trying to cause me and die zauberflote harm. I say that ‘the aisles of Orchestra Hall are already full of the corpses of those who thought they could block die zauberflote — why would I wish there to be any more?’ Of course, a statement such as that tends to elicit a curious sort of response; sometimes a ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ look, though at others, a pursing of the lips, a setting of the jaw, that give me a tendency to think they might have already made up their minds to try.

At that point I am tempted sometimes to chastise myself for speaking up at all. “Let the chips fall,” I say to myself. But then I recall the deceased members of the cadre of players at the MO, that I have had no alternative but to call “Monostatos”. I remember with agony the efforts I made to keep my teacher, the then Principal Flute, from suffering the consequences of trying to block me, through outright lies and sending me on useless rabbit trails. At one point I even called the conductor who was trying to have him fired to plead for his job on his behalf. I recall another who slipped away very painfully through brain cancer. And then I return to my conviction that I must speak what I know, and then I will have done my best.

I also ask everyone to simply keep an open mind about die zauberflote, and a gentle heart toward Gd. Those who are able to do this just roll with everything that happens. Then I find that people are greatly blessed, with health and with abundance of every sort, emanating from its Source.

And so, as I will be posting some mp3 clips shortly, I will ask the same of you, and hope that you have ears to hear me…

M4B*=Mozart For Believers


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