Are you a ‘sheeple’ about Mozart?

Are you the kind of person who is comfortable being influenced by others or do you like to think for yourself? If you were to come to realize that some people with influence were intentionally leading you astray with false information would that bother you at all? Or do you prefer to be on the inside, seeing possible charlatans from afar so that you can plan a strategy not to be outsmarted by them?

What if much of what you knew about Wolfgang Mozart was either incorrect or incomplete? Would that be of any interest to you? Have you ever taken the time to sincerely wonder why he died when he did and why he seemed to be surrounded by a great deal of slander and controversy?

What if there are aspects of Mozart’s life and death that were literally matters of life-and-death, both to Mozart himself and to his adversaries? Would you want to know more?

What if there is a secret and perhaps even a ‘code’ of sorts in the movie “Amadeus”, which is a sophisticated satire of the end of his life? Would you be interested in seeing this more clearly?

If you are interested in any of these things, perhaps I can be of help to you….:-)


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