What if? Listen, and decide for yourself…


Near the end of his life Wolfgang Mozart wrote a singspiel called The Magic Flute. In it he demonstrates through the action of the opera, as well as the dialogue, an instrument that is so unusual that it has the power to stop wickedness in its tracks and, in the process, use everything for good.

What if this was more even than simply an opera to Wolf? What if he pinned his hopes on the possibility that something like this might actually be real? What if, even while he was tasked with digging his own grave, so to speak — composing the Requium only for money, as someone else planned to claim it in their name — he refused to give up hope that his seemingly hopeless plight might someday be vindicated, and that it might have something to do with a real ‘magic flute’?

Could this be, all these later, that flute Mozart wrote about?


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