Out of Night and Fog…

Update 3.28.21

(I released this video, without realizing it at the time, on August 17, 2017, which was the same day Miles Davis’ iconic album Kind of Blue was released in 1959. I am encouraged by this, as Miles and his music have had a profound influence on my life. But that’s a story for another time…)

Since then, my family and I have suffered yet another loss — this one, of my beloved stepson, Kevin Dixon, to suicide…https://dylagence.wordpress.com/2020/02/16/example-post/

Kevin walked in front of a train.

This fact brought me into the world of Slow Train Coming, and Bob Dylan, whom I had tuned out long ago, the vicious anti-feminine lyrics in Like A Rolling Stone being the final straw.

I found out that he was Saved, performed some outstanding gospel songs and even preached during his concerts for a time…before apparently ducking for cover by “going back to his Jewish roots.”

So last year I started a blog, Dylagence, to examine this connection…


Since I published this video I have come to realize that there seems to be another presence in this vortex that I had not taken into account. Something arrogant and pushy, even seeming to throw waves of targeted attack in my direction.

I have begun to analyze this presence and its significance to me and the Zauberflote. Here is a recent post…

This influence, this energy, or whatever it is in the vortex appears to be demolishing lawlessness and bringing to light the truth of what really happened to Wolfgang Mozart. And also to me. It may even be that this is happening in spite of forces trying to keep the lid on something that has been a closely-guarded secret for over 200 years…

Stay tuned…

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