Did Mozart really have the last laugh in ‘Amadeus’?

In addition to Tom Hulce’s crazy-sounding giggle as he played Mozart in the movie “Amadeus”, we experience it yet again as the credits roll. Cute, we might be tempted to think. It is certainly consistent with the characaturish treatment of Mozart during the movie, which happens to slander just about everything about him — except his music.

But, if there really is an occult secret being held by ‘insiders’ about what really happened to Mozart and how he actually died, and that secret has an effect on us even today, could this ‘last laugh’ actually signal something else?

The movie “Amadeus” was created by those who consider themselves insiders in the saga of Mozart. It is supposed to give the general public the impression that they too can participate in this ‘secret knowledge’.

But have the conspirators, instead, created a big problem for themselves? If those who consider themselves ‘insiders’ start to take on the characteristics of the “Amadeus” version of Mozart — even perhaps including the crazy laugh — have they not given themselves away?

And, if that is the case, does not Mozart really have the last laugh?

Update 12.25.20

Who could have imagined what has taken place this year?

A Corona virus — same name as the typewriters of old. My birth father forced me to take typing twice on those old things, because the first time I could only type 95 words per minute!  The same kind of typewriter Bob Dylan used to create his mournful songs, many still sung to this day.  Odd coincidence.

Social-distancing? Just the same sort of thing that became as habitual as possible for Wolfgang Mozart in his daily life as he was, I believe, being pursued by those attempting to cause him bodily harm at a close distance.

Masks — don’t we all wear them? When they are torn off, what do they reveal? Our pride, anger, disrespect? Those close to Wolf wore masks and pretended to be his friend, when they had nothing but ill intent.

Bob Dylan even produced a movie, if you can call it that, called Masked and Anonymous.  It takes place in a country in revolution, where the stores are boarded up and lawlessness seems to abound.  I just took a day trip to downtown Minneapolis and found a similar scenario, although, in this day, there was only an uneasy quiet. Odd coincidence?

Once a pope gave Mozart a special honor, without bothering to acknowledge the full nature of his gifts.  Today a pope stands in an empty sanctuary celebrating Christmas mass.  Irony.

So as the truth finally emerges about what actually happened to Wolfgang Mozart long ago, we see in our daily lives the sludge of the lies that have been told about this all along.  We wait to see if our president will support the efforts of our lawmakers to provide some additional relief to the citizens of this country.

Are we now living as Mozart did?

Does Mozart have the last laugh yet again?

Update June 17, 2021

Well, if it seemed things couldn’t get any more weird, they just did.  After analyzing one of Dylan’s songs in R+RW, it began to dawn on me that he might be taking personal jabs at me…I know, that sounds ridiculous…

However, Dylan did contact me on Twitter just days before releasing R+RW on my birthday, May 8…

What’s Up, Mr. Dylan? Is someone posing as you?

So it was not outside the realm of possibility in this alternative reality I seemed to have been transported into — through no intent of my own — that he might have written a song about a family member. After all, the impression I received when he contacted me was that he was literally dripping with sarcasm…

And so, my analysis of My Own Version of You led me to open yet another Pandora’s box…

The only person still on this planet who would know when Richard and I were married is my sister, Angela. Had Dylan been getting information about me behind my back from my birth family? Outrageous, I thought. Why? To victimize me? To track me? I had no idea.

But a lot of things in my birth family didn’t make sense in a ‘normal’ way. There were many occasions when things seemed to be ‘scripted’. It was as though my parents were taking orders from somebody else. They would suddenly switch gears without any explanation. Things didn’t make sense.

Then, something else dawned on me. The nightingale theme that runs through his key songs — those are the songs that seem to be aimed at the insiders — was he giving them ‘realtime’ information about the Zauberflote and me?

How about Jokerman?

Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune…

Could he possibly be telling his audience about what happened to me in the Fairfield house?

While my family has been in lockstep mocking and ridiculing me whenever I try to talk about my persecution at the hands of my birth family, was a complete stranger screaming and yelling about it to the world?

And then it all became even worse…

Where did this information come from? First hand, from family members, or through a pilfered copy of my manuscript Titan, from Piper to the Alternative, which talks about Pamina Philemela (nightingale) Payne being brutally treated by her mother while her father did nothing and her sister gloated?

I typed the early drafts on a Corona typewriter…

And yes, now a door has opened — into the vortex, into an abyss…and everything is changed.

This time around, however, Dylan has likely heard the Zauberflote. I gave him the link to my video Out of Night and Fog when he contacted me…

So yes, once again, I think we can say that Mozart is having the last laugh…

Caused to ingest toxic substances without one’s knowledge or permission, pilfered intellectual property, targeted…hmmmm…

I think this is Minnegeddon — where everyone can see how Mozart is really treated…

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