Is There a Mouse in the Oven? (an adventure of the Browns’ Mouse)

(For Will, Grant, Alex and Zack)

Is There a Mouse in the Oven? An Adventure of The Brown’s Mouse…

Dashi could not help it.

There was a little ledge on the edge of the

oven door where he could just fit.

It was cozy and warm.

I’ll just rest a bit, he thought.

They’re finished for the night.

I’ll just sit tight.


He did not see

Mrs. Brown slip into the kitchen

To turn up the heat

He was fast asleep.

Elan was nowhere around

Dashi quietly snoozed

On the warm ground

Until the door flew open

And he fell down

Into the oven.
I won’t be a moment,

Yelled Mrs. Brown

I’ll just thaw this out

As she slid a slab of frozen chuck

Onto the rack


Oh no, thought Dashi

Where is the cat when I need her?

Or those two poodles too?

Dashi stretched up as high as he could

And just barely peeked out the glass window

He looked forlornly into the dark and empty room

That sealed his doom

I’m going to roast

I’m toast

If I run around, that will help

Or just maybe make the end come faster…

Or wait!

What if I just try some icy meat

It might just keep me from building up heat…

And so he nibbled on the ice

Forgetting he was in a vise

Whose outcome would not be very nice.


But wait! From afar

He heard a call

Elan! He yelled.

She could not see,

But heard Dashi’s cry instantly.

I’m in the oven! Dashi yelled

So that is what I smelled, she said

You smelled my fur?

So am I dead?

No, I smelled meat,

I’m sure it’s red…

Oh help! He cried

Jumping up and down

I’m not strong enough to move

The door up or down

I know. But what about the dogs? He said.

You bet. Elan raced to scare them

Out of bed.

In seconds, he heard

The clicking of their rapier nails and

Then spotted two golf-ball wagging tails

Dashi jumped up and down

The poodles bared glistening fangs

A light flew on

What’s in the door? Gasped Mrs. Brown

Who then could see Elan

Sitting triumphantly

On top of the stove

There is a mouse!

The poodles jumped up and down

In time with Dashi

Elan stood her ground


Mrs. Brown bent down and saw

Dashi hurling himself around…



I’m surprised it is not dead!

A ball of fluffy silver dust

That would fall apart with just a touch.

Let him roast! Said Kirk, the son

Let him die for what he has done

Elan glared into his face

All hard and reddened with distaste

You too! Said Kirk

Lambchop? Churchill?

Kill that mouse

We won’t have him in our house


Well, I just don’t know what to do

Said Mrs. Brown

My kitchen is a zoo


Why all the commotion? Yelled Mr. Brown

You’d think the circus was in town

Just a couple of mice I need to drown,

Said Kirk, grimly staring Elan down


Well, I am going to check the meat

Said Mrs. Brown, then reset the heat


She opened the oven door and out

Scrambled Dashi, who fell to the floor


Don’t bother us anymore! yelled Kirk

But Dashi and Elan had already

Scampered away to have at least one more

Adventure-filled day

The dogs forgot, but

Kirk hung a slingshot near the door…

Just in case…



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