A most unusual Passover…M4B*

My birth family were Methodists, members of the Golden Hill Methodist Church of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Originally, this denomination was on fire for the Lord, but by the time I became a part of it, it was almost completely spiritually dead — at least the church our family was a part of.  Oh, there were also Methodist ministers in our family — that did not help.

There was a Bible in our house.  It sat, conveniently, on the top shelf of the only bookcase in the house (my Father insisted on borrowing most everything else from the Fairfield library).  It sat there untouched.

My Father led us in grace before dinner on two occasions — Christmas and Easter.

It took me a very long time and a lot of agonizing experiences to realize these were the behaviors of nominal Christians…

When you grow up in this sort of environment you have no idea what you are missing. And when you add to that the church family who was your only family, as everyone in your real family lived in the Midwest) you share a communal ignorance.

I always loved the Jewish people and their faith.  This infuriated my parents.  I repeatedly disobeyed their orders not to have anything to do with the Jewish children in my school. I’m glad I did.  I learned a great deal from them, and that has helped me survive the shortcomings of my family’s church.

And one thing that always charmed and puzzled me was Passover.

Now I am a part of a messianic community of Christians and Jews.  I am richly blessed.  I look forward to passover.  I was the second person to buy a ticket to the one we were going to share together this year.  But of course that is not taking place.

I am not angry.  I’m not even sad. But I am extremely puzzled. I simply cannot remember a Passover like this.  In my lifetime.  How about since Yeshua chose to be our passover Lamb? Is His Blood protecting us from all the harm and chaos we are facing from this invisible menace, like the blood of the lamb on the lintels of the Jewish people waiting to be free of the Pharoah in Egypt?

Yes.  I believe it is…

So let we who are Believers pray for our families, our neighbors, our adversaries, our governing officials, that they too may be washed in His blood…

Let us pray without ceasing…



M4B=Mozart 4 Believers

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