A Bob Dylan connection to Monostatos?

Update June 13, 2022

Based on my understanding of what Bob Dylan is currently up to, he does indeed fit the character of Monostatos in the opera The Magic Flute…in fact, he is THE Monostatos — the others are purely secondary…

Bob is on the road again with another leg of the RARW tour…

Monostatos is really a minor character in this opera. But he does create a lot of havoc for Pamina over a long period of time. He is, in fact, obsessed with Pamina, and determined to possess her. Monostatos is ruthless and unscrupulous. He also has a connection to the Queen of the Night…

Bob seems to have taken this role to the extreme. He apparently wants to make sure everybody notices him. It seems to be working, but in a rather pale manner when compared to the outrage his early performances caused. He doesn’t play guitar now…he sits at the piano. The lyrics happen to be on top of the piano. He doesn’t switch up his songs either. It has been same-old, same-old all the way through, so far… It doesn’t seem like he’s switching up the lyrics, to give his insiders, the Dylinquents, realtime tracking information about his targets, which happen to include my family and me. But maybe the AI voice-amping he’s using doesn’t allow for that.

Bob has been doing this for a long time. In fact, if a cogent definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, Bob definitely falls into that category. In fact, with every performance, the opposite is happening…more that was concealed is being revealed. He is kicking the remaining sludge out of the Mozart vortex, and now everyone can see what has been going on…

Unfortunately, he has also been kicking up a lot of negative energy, resulting in terrible weather situations — on Memorial Day, for example, 15 tornadoes tore through the state. Then there have been a series of tragedies of another sort…his last leg took a zig zag through Texas.

Update July 24, 2021

Following the recent Shadow Kingdom show, it appears Bob Dylan may be placing himself as part of the cadre Monostatos, from the opera The Magic Flute. Another member is bass player Bill Schrickel of the Minnesota Orchestra. There are a few others as well, including my flute teacher at the MO and a horn player who went to the NYPhil and recently got into trouble there. It looks like they represent the wicked servant in the temple of Sarastro who tries to terrify Pamina. When Sarastro understands what they are doing, he kicks them out of the temple.

Whatever is going on, their actions are coming to light. If this does prove to be the case, might we then have to respectfully ask how it correlates that Dylan was said to ‘go back to his Jewish roots’ following his conversion to Christianity, when the law of Deuteronomy and Leviticus is at the very heart of the Jewish faith?


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