#MinnegeddonPartDeux(MFB)…Love is Blind…

As I take a look at the events of the past year in this, if I may say so, great family of Die Zauberflote, one thing has emerged as being of paramount significance.  It is, in the most banal, simple, and yet profound way, the old adage that “Love is Blind”.  I can tell you personally that one blind spot of mine that I have never even thought about addressing was defined for me by another family member, describing their own quest for truth.  I was stunned to see that I had been so critical of some family members and had allowed this other person to have, in effect, a free pass.  I was enabling and making excuses, and all along I thought I was just being kind.  All the evidence of bad behavior was being waved in front of my face, yet those red flags were virtually invisible to me.  Such sadness and even tragedy was a part of the life of this person that, when I thought of them, all I wanted to do was cry and be gripped with sorrow that I was unable to do more to disciple them.  And so, as we approach the anniversary of the passing of this person I find that through absolutely no insight of my own nor one single brilliant understanding a huge piece in our family puzzle has been put in place, and a lot of anxiety connected with it has been put to rest.

We all have blind spots.  We literally cannot see what is in front of our eyes.  Thank goodness there are others who can help define them for us…:-)


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