“Minnegeddon”, and what it might mean to you…M4B*

As the locked-out Other Mozart I have a unique perspective. In fact, I sincerely doubt that anyone who knows me — be they friend or foe — would disagree with that statement. I see things, as it were, from inside an opera — things are either blissfully wonderful or truly horrible. I even saw what I call a ‘dark angel’ long ago, whom I came to believe goes out of its way to try to cause trouble for me and my family, so I have no doubt that there is an adversary I have to deal with every day…

If my thesis is correct — that Wolf was given an unusual gift of shalom — of the Holy Spirit — that those around him tried to steal from him and refused to confirm — then it follows logically that his death, whatever the technical cause, was an assassination. In fact, looking from my perspective, it seems a miracle that he was able to live as long as he did and succeed in giving us such a prodigious output of masterpieces that have held their own and are beloved over two hundred years later.

And, if it is the case that Wolf was assassinated because of a gift of the Holy Spirit, there is enormous support in the Word that God will not let that go unpunished. In fact, we learn from Annanias and Sephira, that anyone who deliberately tries to steal from God can drop dead on the spot. We can, in fact, see after Wolf’s death, that some rather strange things happened to those around him, including Salieri, who went mad, Puchberg, who died broke, and Constanze, who turned into a money-mongering hypocrite, pretending to further Wolf’s work but really just wanting to make money.

But I doubt that the saga ends there. I think, throughout history, that those who produce and perform Wolf’s music, while having contempt for him and his Gift (the movie “Amadeus” is a litany of that contempt, imo), run the same risk those who knew him did. They too are forever affected by his music, as this Gift is carried with it, wherever Wolf’s music goes.

And so, I believe, a Minnegeddon has begun. All that has been hidden about Wolf is coming out into the open. All the money stolen from this Gift is returning to God. And those who act in deliberate contempt can face dire consequences. In fact, from what I see, people stumble into what I call the Kingdom of the Night. It is a kingdom with a heirarchy. At its head, pretending to be a gentle Christ, is the dark angel I call The Night Magician. The actual heavens are closed, and these unfortunate souls seem stuck in this ultimately frightening place, until they come to the real God with real repentance. This kingdom has its own churches and schools, so many do not realize they have been deceived. The lucky ones are those who do not fit, and who are ‘chastised’. They may encounter imbalance in their life, they may even hear this dark angel attacking them. Such happened, in fact, to the player I call “Monostatos”, who kept hearing what they said was a ‘riding-crop voice’.

If I am correct, as events play out, everything having any connection to Wolf will, in fact, end up being turned inside-out. And, if you have anything to do with Wolf or his music, or me and die zauberflote, the same may be true for you…

*M4B=Mozart For Believers


Minnegeddon Revisited…M4B*

Long ago, when I was a flute performance major at the UofM I said to a fellow classmate, Greg, “Some day there will be a Minnegeddon at Orchestra Hall.” I remember clearly saying that, but I don’t recall exactly why. By that time I had already come up against the dead-end that studying with their Principal Flute, Zeitlin, appeared to represent. He had, in fact, tried to convince me that I was ‘too old’ to play in an orchestra, so should become a university prof. But when I did that he went into a tizzy. “I can teach you everything you need to know!” he stuttered and spat at me. By that time I was thoroughly confused. And so, by the time I spoke to Greg it seemed logical to accept that there was probably some sort of conflict between me and the Minnesota Orchestra. Less logically, it seemed that Sid tried to blame me for the fact that the Orchestra had changed its name from the Minneapolis Symphony, which all the players seemed to prefer, to the wider-scoped MO.

Needless to say, I was, at that time blissfully naive. I had no real understanding of what I was involved with. It was just as well…

During the 2012 lockout of the MO players, the concept of Minnegeddon appeared to me again. This time, it took an interesting turn, for by now, the player I call “Monostatos” had insinuated themself into my family and then left, leaving upheaval everywhere. My days of having been enticed to practice on the stage at Orchestra Hall were over. But there was still this tangential connection. One of my family members had a connection to the MO through their work. In fact, at one point I wrote a letter to Mr. Vanska, describing my concerns. I asked this family member to help make sure this letter went directly to him. But they refused to lift a finger to help me, claiming, “I don’t want you to use my contacts.” Did the lockout of the MO players actually begin with the MO, in effect, locking me out? I began to wonder…

Then there was the Monday evening in October 2012 when hurricane Sandy abruptly changed course and headed for not only New York City, but my home town of Fairfield, Connecticut. I was in the indoor arena, taking a dressage lesson. I had climbed off of my horse, Miles, and was standing next to him, tightening his girth. I looked at my instructor, and said to her, “that’s odd. The only horse I was allowed to ride with any regularity when I was a child was named ‘Sandy’. Sandy was an albino Arab given to family friends who had a farm in Shelton, CT. He had blue eyes and pink skin. A pale horse indeed…

Was there some sort of connection between the weather and what I called ‘Minnegeddon’, I began to wonder? I had visited NYC and Connecticut recently for reunions. Odd. I recalled that I had also spent some time in San Francisco in 2011, near Nihonmachi, where I had once lived, and a few weeks later there was an earthquake that may have moved Japan 8 feet.

It was about that time that I began to ask a lot of questions. No, I can’t say I have any answers. But I thought I would share some of them with you. I believe there is a gift of the Holy Spirit in Mozart’s music, and also in die zauberflote. When Wolf was alive, it was also connected to him. I think there was a vortex of some sort around him. People could sense it. This caused the continual controversy around him. I think he was probably murdered in order to stop this energy from affecting those around him. What if this gift is also present in his music? What if, every time it is played, no matter by whom, that gift is shared? His music is played all around the world. What if it is affecting changes wherever it is played? What if it is even having an effect on the weather?

I think you get my drift. As an odd footnote, let me mention two more puzzling coincidences. The 2005 Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans area. This area is significant to me because of its connection to the Garrison investigation and the assassination of JFK, which I also research. In fact, the evening before Katrina hit, my husband Donner and I were entertaining a venerable Warren Commission proponent in the research community, Prof. Ken Rahn. We had, in fact, earlier spent the day at the Minnesota State Fair, debating JFK issues. We had to agree-to-disagree on just about everything. It dawned on me that the nickname given to my daughter by her Dad was “Katrina, Katrina, ballerina.” Just this fall Hurricane Matthew devastated North Carolina. Oddly, a couple of weeks earlier I spent an afternoon at a Tomorrow’s World presentation with Rod McNair. They are based in Charlotte, NC. And oh, perhaps you can guess the name of my son-in-law?:-)

I know. Just odd coincidences. Nevertheless, perhaps all of us who are Believers can take a moment to humble ourselves before our Creator and ask for His guidance and wisdom for the times that may lie ahead…

*M4B=Mozart For Believers

P.S. Another odd coincidence — not long after I published this post a 7.4 earthquake hit in the same area of Japan as the one in 2011: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-japan-quake-idUSKBN13G2DC

What do you hear in die zauberflote? ‘zauber’ –a gift of shalom — or ‘ein musikalischer spass’? :-0 M4B*

When people listen to die zauberflote (the flute, not the opera) I ask them, when given the opportunity, to tell me what they hear. Why?  Let me tell you…

I am constantly amazed at the unusual aspects of this gift. I have found that die zauberflote is like a laser — it somehow almost instantaneously starts to cleave truth from falsehood.  This astonishes me. Some hear what I call a sound of shalom — something gentle as a baby’s breath.  Others hear something less ethereal. A few have said they thought they heard Mozart’s voice in the music.  That is fascinating to me, as normally I do not.

Having people crawl out of the woodwork when I was at Orchestra Hall taught me a valuable lesson.  At that time I was naive and eager to learn. I had no idea that my practising on the darkened stage might have a powerful effect behind the scenes on some of those with a trained ear.  Those who hear a sound of shalom  usually comment on that, sometimes even accompanied by tears.  Those with a gentle heart , as Wolf says in the opera, will have an increase in favor wherever they go. But others will give me a look of contempt and begin to nitpick. They purse their lips.  They seem to take offense. They fold their arms. They murmur. They tap their feet. They complain. They sometimes even  gnash their teeth. They may even attempt to make feigned compliments while grimacing (not a pretty sight).

These adversaries may try to take me down, lock me out, slander me behind my back and exclude me from opportunities that could provide substance and respect commensurate with this great gift. If they were to lift their little finger they could open doors.  They may act obsessively, attempting to insinuate themselves into my inner circle to gain influence. They may, in effect, shun me — treat me as though I am already dead and act as though they are simply waiting for something to happen. They might even try to lure me into losing situations.  I never know what to expect.

Unfortunately, some may think they can, in effect,’steal’ die zauberflote and use it for their own ends against Gd’s will.  They cannot, of course.  (Often this destructive behavior is accompanied by calling me by my dreaded nickname, “Pam”.  When I am being “Pammed”, I have little doubt what lies in store.) However, as Believers, we do know that Gd will at times put some people in our way not to hold us down but to push us up into our destiny.  Who knows what purpose is behind this?

This gift of die zauberflote is perfect, in the way a perfect fourth or fifth (as opposed to a major or minor interval) is perfect.  What do I mean by that?  If you listen carefully to Mozart’s music you will hear something different, something extra.  A certain sound, so to speak — something gentle and joyful.  This has even been called the “Mozart Effect”, as those who listen to his music find themselves more grounded and serene.  In fact, from my standpoint, this is a gift of the Holy Spirit, which made Wolf’s music different from everyone else’s in a very subtle, yet dramatic, regard.  Nobody could copy this; nobody could imitate it.

This also seems to be true of die zauberflote.  Some who take offense at this difference appear at times try to push their own musical flaws onto me.  Some will summon up from the depth of their being their deepest worries and fears.  In actuality, were I ever to go into competition with any of them I would probably know their weak spots.

Could they have, in fact, fallen into a pothole of Wolf’s ‘ein musikalischer spass'(K522)? Yes, long ago, on a day when Wolf was probably bored with writing ‘nice’ music that everyone ‘liked’, he drew his sword and put a number of compositional anomalies into a piece by that name.  Is that, in effect, what some critics are claiming to hear in die zauberflote? If so, are they really oblivious to the fact that the indomitable Wolfgang Mozart has triumphed yet again, the joke really on them? In essence, have they been “Wolfed”?

Listen and decide for yourself what to think…I accept the grumblers, gently sidestep them, and keep moving forward.

What does ‘zauber’ mean, anyway?  Sparkling clear one moment, a mystery the next? Things turning upside down and everything working for good? (Cor. 4:24) I am used to never knowing what to expect.  Things may seem completely unpredictable, and then fall into place.  This is how die zauberflote works.  Perhaps one day its gentle shalom will persuade even them. 🙂


*M4B=Mozart For Believers


Are you a ‘sheeple’ about Mozart?

Are you the kind of person who is comfortable being influenced by others or do you like to think for yourself? If you were to come to realize that some people with influence were intentionally leading you astray with false information would that bother you at all? Or do you prefer to be on the inside, seeing possible charlatans from afar so that you can plan a strategy not to be outsmarted by them?

What if much of what you knew about Wolfgang Mozart was either incorrect or incomplete? Would that be of any interest to you? Have you ever taken the time to sincerely wonder why he died when he did and why he seemed to be surrounded by a great deal of slander and controversy?

What if there are aspects of Mozart’s life and death that were literally matters of life-and-death, both to Mozart himself and to his adversaries? Would you want to know more?

What if there is a secret and perhaps even a ‘code’ of sorts in the movie “Amadeus”, which is a sophisticated satire of the end of his life? Would you be interested in seeing this more clearly?

If you are interested in any of these things, perhaps I can be of help to you….:-)

Oh, let’s make fun of the libretto to Die Zauberflote…:-0 M4B*

Throughout the 200-odd years since Mozart’s last major opera, The Magic Flute, was premiered in Vienna on September 30, 1791 (coincidentally, the day which, at midnight, ushered in, thanks to the machinations of a real-life “Monostatos” and his cohorts, the recent lockout of players by the Minnesota Orchestra), there has been scarcely a music critic anywhere who hasn’t felt comfortable and probably had a good laugh taking potshots at the libretto.  Not to be outdone, the curiously anti-Mozart movie Amadeus decried the magic flute, magic bells, etc, as ridiculous. Perhaps we should ask the MO’s own Sir Neville Marriner about this, as he was involved with it!  The point of the objections seem to be that nobody on the planet should take the libretto seriously, unless they want to join the tin-hat UFO believers, or perhaps those who believe JFK was killed by a conspiracy!  In short, it is just not musically-correct to look at the libretto of this opera with an objective eye, much less try to determine what a genius such as Mozart was thinking of when he agreed to it.

Here is one example of a typical ‘analysis’, at a musical website:


I have emailed them to let them know that them analysis is a little shortsighted.  That will probably get a chuckle too.

One character in the opera though, who, to my mind, is severely undeveloped, is that of the snake that appears in the opening scene.  It is so terrifying that Tamino faints, and the handmaidens of the Queen of the Night have to kill it for him.  Then, of course, the feathered Papageno enters into the fray, claiming that it was he who was the hero.  A charming scene, no doubt; but somehow Wolf seemed to be missing the point!  This is a terrifying creature.  It might have better been described as a dragon than as a snake.  However, there is, in the Bible, a great and terrifying snake — it is called Leviathan, and is found in the book of Job.  Leviathan represents an evil spirit, or presence, that entwines itself in our faith and in our finances, and seeks to work ill in both.  In fact, one of the most difficult and torturous areas of Christian life seems to be just that — being grounded in faith while not being devoured by a love of money.

In my life, having lived through this opera, viewing it from the inside, I can say without a doubt that this snake is possibly the most powerful long-term character in the opera.  In fact, it is the snake, or dragon, that gives power to the Queen of the Night and to Monostatos.  This Leviathan has insinuated itself into the lives of everyone I know, trying to get them to turn against Gd’s will for them.  And, as I am aware of how some of the characters ‘should’ act, it has been incredibly distressing to watch them ‘morph’ into something ugly.

So, when we decide to take a look at the libretto to Die Zauberflote again, perhaps we might at least give pause, and acknowledge that, perhaps, there is some sort of mystery here?  Something beyond our simple understanding?

Just a thought…:-)

M4B=Mozart For Believers


Minnegeddon and the awesome burden of Die Zauberflote…M4B*

When I was a child, playing the flute, I had no idea of the chaos that was occurring around me.  It seemed to me that most that heard its lovely sound were taciturn. I later learned that was the spiritual equivalent of gnashing their teeth.  Others simply wept with tears of joy — my Grandpa Gardner, for one.  At the time, I thought he was simply pleased that I was given a gift of music.  Now I realize it was much more, even, than that…

Now I realize with sadness and even dread that there is a terrible burden connected with playing die zauberflote.  Its sound and presence causes many to stumble and behave badly.  Even my most precious loved ones have fallen prey to this devastating reality.

There seems to be a mystery attached to this — again, something I was not able to put together in a coherent manner as a child.  Apparently, I am supposed to be conditioned to allow people to use die zauberflote against Gd’s will.  I perceive this conclusion (though it is false) as the expected consequence of the persecution and even torture that included poisoning on the part of my birth family.  I was also conditioned by them to ‘believe’ a false gospel. Later I learned that my Mother, at least,  was very possibly an apostate “Christian”.  I was apparently supposed to be a helpless fool — someone who was not ‘good with money’ and so ‘needed to be taken care of’.  A sort of Man-Can whom the underworld of music could use at will.

After countless interactions with supposed ‘professional’ musicians I have little doubt that it is this misconception that fuels their disrespect and even at times palpable contempt of me and their attempts to sandbag and dead-end me at every turn.  From the moment I met the person at the hub of what I call “Monostatos” — a bass player (the lowest of the low!) I had the distinct impression that, for some reason, it was ‘either me or him.’  The two energies — that of die zauberflote (a gift of shalom) — and that of worldly players — could not exist together.  I gradually came to understand that Gd was asking me to start over, and to find players who were comfortable with me and die zauberflote.  That has not been an easy task, and I can recount a series of episodes, either comical or sad, depending on one’s viewpoint, to attest to this difficulty.

So as I move forward with what I call Minnegeddon it is with sorrow and awe, for the warm reception that I once anticipated for someone having a direct connection to Wolfgang Mozart has been tempered and refined by the knowledge that during his lifetime most not only wished him dead, but a handful may have acted upon that ill-intent. So what I once envisioned as a rapturous revival is now revealing itself to be a stark and even morbid reality that die zauberflote and I will face no more love and grace in the future than we have in the past.  The thought of almost everyone stumbling over it is almost more than I can bear.  But I came across this Bible verse, that speaks to the heart of what is happening — “I say then, Have they stumbled that they should fall? God forbid: but rather through their fall salvation is come unto the Gentiles, for to provoke them to jealousy.”
http://biblehub.com/romans/11-11.htm I have read it many times, but did not understand before that it does, in fact, contain an alternative to simply stumbling and falling.  It contains the boundless gift of love that is our Gd, that will go to the ends of the earth and back again to bring us close to Him.  I have seen that in my own family, even with my own precious children.  I know this to be true.  And that gives me confidence to move forward…

M4B*= Mozart For Believers



Minnegeddon and Luke 6:22…M4B*

In my morning Bible reading I came across a passage that I had read many times without understanding that it might have a deeper meaning for my situation in being locked-out by Monostatos’ Orchestra.  It is the passage from the Beatitudes that reads, “Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil because of the Son of Man.” (NIV)

I cannot think of a statement that better describes my experience with the Monostatos Orchestra and those players who enticed me to ‘practice’ on the darkened stage at Orchestra Hall in order to exclude me, even target my home and my children, and silence me once and for all.  It is a very odd experience to be excluded.  You may be standing in the midst of people who are, in fact, excluding you.  They refuse to give you a voice.  They look past you and ignore you.  They may band with others to do the same thing. There is nothing to do but accept this apparent indignity and acknowledge the disrespect that accompanies it.

However, for Believers, we have a higher goal.  For every gift of the Holy Spirit will, by its very nature, be excluded by the world, or in the case of music, by what I call the Kingdom of the Night.  When that happens I must gracefully let go and move on.  We are not called to cast our pearls before swine.  We are to wipe the dust off our feet and keep going.  We are to give thanks to Him who went before us, jumping for joy. 🙂

*M4B=Mozart For Believers


Minnegeddon: the music of Wolfgang Mozart and the Great Finn-esse…:-0 M4B*

When you have the curious ‘privilege’ of growing up with a Mother who seems to have a lot of tricks of darkness at her fingertips, you quickly learn about the art of finesse.  Basically, this is a bridge term, for a situation where a player is put into a position where they have to give up a card that is a threat to another player whether they want to or not.  Yes, my Mother loved to play bridge.  We earned all kinds of gifts from her and my Father’s winnings — even a cat! I usually ended up as ‘dummy’ so had a lot of time to observe the shrewd machinations that comprised an artful finesse. I watched that strategy used in real life as well, to unearth secrets and information that otherwise a person would have steadfastly resisted disclosing.  And, eventually, I found myself testing the waters of finessing on my own — sometimes to my advantage, others to utter failure.  But I learned and persisted, and have also become an acute observer of finesses-in-process by others.  That doesn’t happen often — finessing may be something of a lost art.

At any rate, during and following my lockout by Monostatos’ Orchestra I gradually and painfully began to realize that I didn’t really have to do much work to create a finesse.  In fact, if I simply stepped back and let everyone else use all their own energy attempting to disrespect me or worse, they would before long end up hoisting themselves with their own petards.  I realized then, as I had before, that the power of die zauberflote is such that it works whether I am conscious of it or not.

I then began to take a look at the music of Wolfgang Mozart — one of the main reasons he was murdered, imo, was to steal his music.  Those who plotted and wished him dead then had the opportunity to wave his music triumphantly, like banners, proclaiming to the rest of the Kingdom of the Night that they could hear his music without consequence and even, if they wished, claim in their hearts to have replaced Mozart!  And thus they went out into the world, telling everyone of the ‘failure’ of Wolf’s earthly life — how it had ended too soon (but then lots of people died in their 30’s back then) and how much they ‘love’ him (while, of course, slandering him in word and libeling him in book).  Apparently, the slander and libel were supposed to create an aura of protection for those who were profiting from his murder.

And so it has continued for well over 200-years.  The little bit of shining light in this dreadful scenario is the wonderful concept of the “Mozart effect” which became popular in the 80’s.  And yes, there IS such a thing as the “Mozart effect” — it works even when his music is performed by people who despise him.  The gift of Gd given to him is so powerful that it can surmount even that indignity.  I soon became aware of that — you can hear the elegant and profound energy of ‘shalom’ in nearly all his pieces, no matter who performs them.  That, in itself, is something of a miracle.

However, there is even more.  I can assure you now, after long years of observation, that all those performing Mozart’s music are, in fact, turned over to the same Gd that created Mozart.  By their pridefulness in performing Wolf’s music while refusing to humble themselves before the Creator, they end up finessing themselves.  And so, one of the group of Monostatos regularly performs the Clarinet Concerto of Mozart, apparently trying to proclaim that they have, after locking me out, in fact ‘replaced’ Mozart…http://m.startribune.com/vanska-minnesota-orchestra-musicians-unite-for-concert-to-aid-syrian-refugees/363393091/

Umm…not gonna happen.

All they probably have done is finn-essed themself! 🙂

M4B=Mozart For BelieversPamela Brown and die zauberflote



The ‘Locked-Out Mozart’ list…The “Shackles” School M4B*

Starting the New Year off on the right foot, I will be providing information, not using the actual names, of course, of organizations that have, in one way or another, effectively locked me, my husband and die zauberflote out. I will explain how this happened to the best of my ability, as well as do my best to describe the organization and use it as an symbol to represent something that I consider to be false.

My first foray into this arena involves a private school that claims to have a Christian mission and outlook. So far, so good. It also specializes in a certain form of education termed “Classical”. If you research this, you will find that a Classical education does, in many ways, fill in the gaps of what is available to students in the public education sector. It relies on memorization, logic, rhetoric, all areas that have long ago for the most part fallen by the wayside in public education, the purpose of which seems to be to create good followers, not unusual leaders. So again, all well and good. How can you go wrong, right?

Unfortunately, there is a little bit more to providing a true Christian environment than just saying so. In fact, perhaps the most serious criticism I have of this type of school is that the leaders are not only spiritually immature but they are so wrapped up in making a success of the school they have become ignorant of their supreme arrogance and superficiality. To add to the problem, they seem to have surrounded themselves with others of the same level of understanding, and so, in effect, have created their own little world. If you dare to criticize what they are doing you are met with outrage. If you try to point them to the Wrd they may attack you. Yes, I think you’re starting to get the message I am sending your way — an environment such as this can become vulnerable to being some sort of cult. Whether or not that is actually the case, I do not know. There does seem to be an undercurrent of the ‘end of the world’ philosophy, and the need to prepare to survive the Tribulation. (That, on its own, might raise a red flag, as some Christians tend to think that the ‘real Christians’ will be raptured prior to the Tribulation. :-0)

As this school grew and developed I was hopeful yet baffled. Everything seemed to be so right, but something was wrong. I could not figure it out. Then I was invited to perform at the school for a program they were doing. I was given no introduction as either a musician or a Christian. No mention was made of this great gift of die zauberflote even though the person who requested me to perform is a family member. Lovely performance of the Bach unaccompanied flute sonata, nice reception. As I left the school there was a large van farther up the driveway. All of a sudden it went into reverse and came towards my car at full throttle. By the time I was able to hit the horn, the van had crashed into the front of my vintage Honda Accord, squashing my “Pamina” license plate! The driver got out, was very apologetic. Seemed she had ‘forgotten her keys’ :-0. My hood would not open and my radiator was cracked, but she said she would send me an amount for the damage and asked me not to go to my insurance agent. She sent me a check for $300 with a nice note that said this is what Gd had “told her to send me.” That was enough to fix just the hood. I didn’t ask her for money to fix the radiator. I knew there was a lesson to be learned by this, but I had no idea what it was. This was a very odd wakeup call.

During most of this time I had been giving money to the school. When I felt a young family member was, in essence, being ‘trapped’ in the school, which had very limited opportunities for their area of expertise, I was railed at and bullied by my family member. At about this time the headmaster and my family member arranged a coffee event apparently only designed to convince me to give substantial sums of money from an inheritance I had recently unexpectedly received, to — guess where — their school. As the headmaster spoke, her teeth seemed to become larger and brighter — I felt like Little Red Riding Hood. I left the little ‘chat’ trembling with anger. Fortunately, once again, an unsettling event served as a significant clue. I decided to research the school online and found one review that summed up my experience — “They talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. Run from these people”…

During this time, also, the school had become more and more closely aligned with another adversary of mine — guess what– Monostatos’ Orchestra. A handful of employees and even an adviser had in the past or currently some connection to this organization. Upon that realization I started asking the really tough questions — was it possible that this school was developed with an intent to use die zauberflote against Gd’s will to make money for the school, or was it just an odd coincidence that this seemed to be happening? We as Believers know from the book of Acts, Chapter 5, of the antics of Ananias and Sephira. They tried to test the Holy Spirit and ended up dead on the spot. I also began to wonder if the school was deliberately designed to present the students with a false gospel that, in effect, ‘locked-out’ the real Holy Spirit or if their beliefs were simply immature? Needless to say, I began waging spiritual warfare on behalf of the children, and hope to be mistaken. This school ought to provide the students with not only learning but character sufficient for them to be truly inspired Christian leaders for the rest of their lives. Was it doing this, or causing them to be bound by the wiles of the adversary? Does the staff have any idea the stranglehold the adversary has managed to put on these children?

This time, when a request for money comes, I will explain that we are partnering with organizations who are willing to support us and die zauberflote, and perhaps host a concert. Hopefully, that will get their minds working…:-0

M4B=Mozart For Believers

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