MinnegeddonPartDeux — just for “Karin” and “Starla”…really, ladies? Really? :-0

In the novel “Piper to the Alternative”, Pamina’s mother is Mildred Payne.  She is the great Queen of the Night.  She hurls down curses with a bolt of lightning.  She emanates charm that can seem almost irresistible.  At other times, the air glows black and white with the depth of her profound wickedness.

Mildred was also an adept at various evil strategies.  One of them, in fact, perhaps her favorite, was that of finesse.  In order to accomplish this, you set your prey up through flattery and deceit, and then move in to destroy them, getting them to do something or give up information they would never otherwise do.

By the time of MinnegeddonPartDeux (post Monostatos’ Orchestra lockout) Mildred is dead.  A few proxies seem to have tried to step up to the plate.  They too try to corner Pamina and cause her harm. They seem intent on becoming Mildred’s little mini-me’s.  Of course, the energy of the great die zauberflote protects Pamina.  And, as it might be expected, Pamina has learned from her experiences with her mother how to finesse her adversaries…

So instead of a slanted field, there is instead an even one…:-)


Monostatos’ Orchestra…M4B*

This orchestra, which has, in effect, locked me out, has a considerable presence both in the metro area and around the state.  They do a lot of outreach concerts and go into the schools, generating interest in classical music.  They will even offer to teach some of your children.  Children are, in fact, very important to them. But, for Believers, I ask you to beware. Yes, people with an association with this organization can get involved in private Christian schools as well as the public schools.  They are really given a free pass.  Believers need to ask for discernment in anything involving them.

*M4B=Mozart for Believers…:-)

MinnegeddonPartDeux — an important lesson learned from the untimely death of Mozart, M4B*

Most of what we read about Mozart is slanted to some extent and some of it is completely false.  Some who write about him have little or no actual understanding of what he was really about, so they have to guess.  Others are deliberately trying to cover up what happened to him so that they can benefit from this disaster as did those who were alive in 1791.  I could be wrong.  I could be mistaken.  But I don’t think so.  I will let you read my words and decide for yourself what to think.

It seems to me that Mozart had an unusual gift of ‘shalom’ that nobody confirmed to him,  It was this gift that gave his music something extra — a spark of brilliance unheard in the compositions of others — a profound sense of excitement — a promise of something wonderful.  When Mozart’s music is played by others (even those who while pretending to ‘love’ Mozart actually despise him and try to pretend they are him) it has what has been called the “Mozart Effect.”  But that is really rather lame compared to the reality that you would experience if you were in the same room with him, hearing him perform his beautiful pieces for the first and perhaps the only time as he didn’t seem to like performing the same thing twice.  People were bowled over by him — not only by his music, but by his character and his personality.  In general, they tended to look for something to despise — especially when he was no longer a cute little kid.  Some went out of their way to sandbag him out of envy and jealousy.  You see, he was just ‘too’ — too smart, too talented, too arrogant, too politically incorrect.  Such tumult surrounded him wherever he went that he was continually locked out of appointments, steady work, commissions and other sources of income.  He became, in fact, a marked man.

It is my thinking that those close to him for the most part befriended him with ill-intent — flattering him to his face and slandering him behind his back.  They were all in agreement that ‘he had to go’.  So they consistently and deliberately ignored this extra gift of ‘shalom’ and did their best to take him down with dirty tricks.  He may, as he said, even have been poisoned (whether that is actually what killed him or it was done as a matter of control I cannot yet say).  They, in effect, treated him as though he was already dead and then waited for something to happen.  It was what I call the Vortex of the Evil Eye.

I am greatly blessed by the lessons of Mozart’s life, and this is perhaps the most important.  Because of what happened to him, I make sure to loose the blessed Holy Spirit of this gift of ‘shalom’ that is die zauberflote continually, to bring everyone into the light — especially those whom I know personally, for some of those have apparently tried to do the same thing to me that they did to him.  It is for that reason that so many know of me, and yet nothing is said at the level of the press.  Apparently, I’m not supposed to make it that far.

But I know die zauberflote, and it performs miracles whether there is resistance or acceptance.  I believe that by making sure to examine every relationship and bring all to the light that nobody will be able to use this gift of shalom against Gd’s will — not even a group such as the one I call “Monostatos’ Orchestra”…

*M4B = Mozart For Believers…

Why I may be the most ‘exciting’ musician you have never heard of…

I have been called, by one of my adversaries, “the most exciting musician since Mozart,” but you have never heard of me.  How can this possibly be?  I can tell you that from my perspective this experience has been exhausting and frustrating in the extreme.  It has taken me a long time to have any clear understanding of what could be happening.

When I began to play the flute seriously I was overwhelmed with joy at the opportunity of studying with a Principal Flute player in a good orchestra.  I knew I had an wonderful sound.  A diamond in the rough, so to speak.  My teacher had fabulous technique.  The first time I heard him play I stood up instinctively, in the middle of a piece. Fortunately, I was on the first row in the balcony at Orchestra Hall, so I obstructed only a few people.  The notes he played were so clear — even the ends of the notes were beautiful — like petals on an exotic flower.

But my experience quickly began to turn into a nightmare, and I didn’t know why.  Later, “Monostatos” came into our lives.  I was encouraged to practice on the darkened stage at Orchestra Hall.  Players crawled out of the woodwork and said the most amazing things, then turn and ran.  Nothing seemed to make sense…

Then “Monostatos” ran away from our house, tail between their legs, never to return.  “Monostatos” insisted that I find a guardian for my children ‘in case something happened’ to me.  That was my first clue.

I was being locked-out.  I was probably also being slandered and libeled, bullied into silence.

And so this has continued even to this day.  Apparently, I am not supposed to have a voice.  I felt that I was being treated ‘as though I was already dead.’ Apparently, those who were in agreement with this were waiting for something to happen.  And perhaps still are…

#MinnegeddonPartDeux — What seems to be taking place…proxies and all…:-0

Sometimes I feel that I have a unique outlook on life. As I try to analyze the tumult around die zauberflote, I am frequently impressed with the idea that there is something out of the ordinary going on here.  Just the same, one might suppose, if there actually were something like a magic flute, it might have some sort of effect on people or circumstances.  Indeed, this appears to be the case.

From my perspective, what I am seeing is this — those who hear die zauberflote and have a trained ear either love it or try to block it.  My flute teacher, for one, seemed to think that blocking it would be as easy as ‘taking candy from a baby.’  But the energy of the flute seems to have a protective power, so that anyone who tries to attack it becomes themselves the sole bearer of the consequences of their actions.  It seems to deflect ill-intent onto the originator.  What that person wishes for another, such as me, becomes their fate.  Sooner or later, those with a trained ear begin to realize what is happening.  Their life is being changed for the better, but they may not see it that way.  So they begin to scream and yell, so to speak — sometimes literally, sometimes on paper or on the net.  When they begin to experience the full effect of die zauberflote they turn and run.  But they don’t give up.  Instead, they try to enlist unwitting proxies to continue the attack on their behalf.  Then the proxies seem to go through a similar experience, and so on.

It can be said that the aisles of Orchestra Hall are already filled with the corpses of those who have tried to block die zauberflote.  Why would anyone want there to be any more?  This is difficult to explain to people who seem to think, as my teacher appeared to, that they will be the one to stop it. :-0

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