The threat of Monostatos…

While my children and I were held hostage, so to speak, by the person I call ‘Monostatos’, for approximately 666 days, in a time, fortunately, long ago, he enticed me to practice on the stage at Orchestra Hall. He would then attempt to create as much trauma about it as possible, whispering such things as, “You can’t play under pressure.” At the time I found these practice sessions and the accompanying attacks puzzling, to say the least. In fact, they did not make any sense at all.

But now, with the benefit of hindsight, and the blessing of the passing of time, I find there is a certain consistency to what he was doing. In fact, I can comfortably say that this was probably the reason he wanted to have anything to do with us at all. For, it seems, my playing was a threat to him, and this was the only way he knew to try to neutralize it.

In fact, I can say that it would not be surprising if everything Monostatos has was gained in much the same way — through deceit, threats and intimidation. Apparently, this is supposed to be considered ‘professional’ at some level.

As far as that threat to me, I can now answer that I indeed found it a challenge to do my best in every area of my life while my children were being held hostage by someone comfortable with monstrous behavior.

But don’t take my word for it. You can experience the “Monostatos Effect” today at his other orchestra…


Who or what is “Monostatos”? :-0

In my posts you will find references to “Monostatos”.  Monostatos was, in Mozart’s prophetic opera The Magic Flute, a wicked servant in the temple of Sarastro, Pamina’s step-father.  Monostatos terrorizes Pamina. Monostatos is obsessed with Pamina.  Only Sarastro, stepping in at the last minute, saves Pamina from his wicked wiles.

When I talk about “Monostatos” I am basically making reference to my time on the darkened stage at Orchestra Hall and those involved with that.  So, to some extent, the term “Monostatos” represents the group of players that crawled out of the woodwork to try to flatter me in order to destroy me and die zauberflote.  The first member of the group was my flute teacher, who was at the time Principal Flute of the Orchestra.  Rather than acknowledge what he was really experiencing he sent me on various rabbit trails and, among other things, seemed to go out of his way to try to blame me for the change in the Orchestra’s name (at the time, that made no sense at all).  He is now deceased. Another member of Monostatos was a timpanist, also deceased.  There was also a trumpet player, now retired, and a horn player still performing with another orchestra.  Then there was the string player, who not only tried to destroy me but targeted my children.  If I speak of “Monostatos” as one person, it is him. This person is still with the Orchestra, and, for that reason, I at times refer to the ensemble as “Monostatos’ Orchestra”, as it is my thinking that he is the one who led them astray.  There is also involvement with another orchestra — hence, “Monostatos’ Other Orchestra”.

How happy we were before Monostatos...:-0
How happy we were before Monostatos…:-0

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