‘Papa’ and the Odd coincidences of ‘1’ and ‘9’…


As waves of desolation wash over us as a result of this CV-19 Corona virus plague, I have found myself just holding my breath, waiting for the next round of bad news.  It has been a rollercoaster for all of us, unprecedented in our lifetimes.  I am originally from the NYC metro area, and the images and statistics there have seemed almost unbearable.

However, even though my daily routine, as all of yours, has been turned upside down, a few things have remained in place…simply because I have done them every day no matter what.

In the morning, soon after I get up, I read the Bible.  In fact, I recite Psalm 19.  It is a glorious statement of God’s love through His incredible creation of the earth and heavens.  It also happens to be the epitaph on the grave of  NASA’s extraordinary and controversial Wernher von Braun.

I have had a connection to Wernher for almost as long as I can remember. I probably could have met him. I wish I had.  I did not realize the significance of his influence though until fairly recently, and, when I did, I decided to honor him by declaring his favorite psalm every morning.  That photograph, by the way, was taken at Edwards Air Force Base in Lancaster, California. I have spent time there at NASA.  The dry lake bed there was a backup landing location for the space shuttles.

Every evening I declare Psalm 91. This is the Psalm of protection. I claim its protection over all my family and friends, and now, over our lands, and people everywhere;

Like bookends, 19 and 91.  I just realized that…

Somehow, that’s helping to keep me grounded…maybe it will you too…

Update, February 18, 2021

I call him Papa.

I believe he is the real-life Sarastro (of the prophecy) of the opera The Magic Flute…

He would love this…

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Update 7.2.21

Well the gov’t has just released a non-report on the existence of UFO’s…

It seems to add to the mystery of it all.

But it has occurred to me that it is not impossible that all this fuss about UFO’s may have something to do with Minnegeddon — which is where the truth about what happened to Wolfgang Mozart is revealed. And I do think all of this is connected to Mozart’s last major opera, The Magic Flute, which, as you might begin to sense, I think has come alive… So we are all living in the temple of Sarastro, the temple of Isis and Osiris. Sound familiar? NASA just loves to use ancient Egyptian names and symbols for all of its endeavors.

Let’s carry this unique idea a bit further. If WVB was taken to Roswell after the craft crashed (well, wouldn’t he have begged to do that?) and then realized that the moon could have been a stopping place for it, that could have fueled his passion to send a man to the moon. He then linked up with JFK, whose family also happened to have a Nazi connection, in that Papa Joe was a Hitler appeaser of such conviction that FDR fired him from his job as Ambassador to the Court of St. James. So WVB could have assumed that JFK would be a loyal protagonist for his cause. The US was in a dismal second place in the space race when JFK took office, which meant WVB would have to reunite his team — half of them had gone to the USSR, which was making steller accomplishments in space.

The objective would have been to search for alien life and installations on the dark side of the moon, as well as to begin to establish a presence in space which would ultimately lead to WVB’s other and even stronger passion — to go to Mars.

And here we are today, with missions in the works to go to Mars. They are led by a man named “Elon”, which WVB happened to prophetically mention long ago in his treatise on Mars…

So Wolfgang Mozart’s imagination has created the environment in which we are living…which includes Egyptian mythology, possible alien life, UFO’s, and the universe outside of earth…

Update July 6, 2021

Doing my Dylagence research, I just happened to note that his uber-famous song, Like a Rolling Stone was released on July 20, 1965, which happens to be the day of the Apollo II moon landing in 1969…

Not sure what to make of that, but it is hugely interesting…it may be that Dylan’s references to Isis and Osiris, plus the use of the tarot, and other symbols of Egyptian magic, such as the Eye of Horus, may have a connection to NASA and Sarastro’s temple. Dylan may have been telling us all about what happened to Mozart all along…if we just knew where to look…

Hurricane Dorian and my family…

Hurricane Dorian has been stalled over the Bahamas, and is now moving toward the coast of Florida. Hopefully, it will skirt the coast; but it seems to be increasing in size. It was the most powerful storm of the year at one point…thankfully, now it is only a Category 2.

When I first heard there was to be a hurricane by that name, I said, “Uh-oh.” I had a bad feeling about it. Not because of the story, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, about a man who remained young while committing criminal acts, while the painting of him aged instead, but for an odd connection. In my saga based on our family, Piper to the Alternative, Pamina’s father’s name is Dorian. His character is duplicitous and deceitful. He does come to a bad end.

To add to my concern, the monster storm Katrina, of 2005, was my daughter’s nickname. Her birth father called her, “Katrina, Katrina, ballerina.” So I was already on guard for a potentially devastating storm.

Dorian has so far wreaked untold havoc on the Bahamas — my parents used to vacation there, to play golf, before he became very ill. It’s headed toward Florida, where his condition allowed them to leave Flemington, New Jersey for a winter trip. They went to Cape Canaveral to witness a launch of the space shuttle. It was the Challenger liftoff, a terrible tragedy.

And so I am playing die zauberflote and joining many of you in sending prayers to all in the path of Dorian, in hopes that lives will be spared and property damage minimal…and all these odd coincidences without merit…

A few of the mysteries behind the opera The Magic Flute…

Almost from the moment of its premiere the public was talking about the occult significance of Wolfgang Mozart’s last major opera, The Magic Flute. There was so much to consider — after all, it was full of Masonic symbols, and, despite the fact that it was a jocular singspiel, it held a pregnant sense of awe — of things not explained. To make things even more convincing, Mozart himself died a few weeks later. Was there a connection? Was Mozart poisoned? What happened? Everyone wanted to know. Or was it just the hand of fate? Some asked. Perhaps writing the Requiem under someone else’s name was what did him in? Others questioned.

Well, for one reason or another, the mystery has continued to this day. And for good reason. What if the opera were, in fact, a prophecy that included Wolf himself? What if that prophecy was to come to life over 200 years later?

Unthinkable! said many. Impossible, said others. Keep the lid on it! said the assassins…no one must know!

However, if this were to be the case, let me provide some details that are implied in the opera. I don’t ask anyone to believe what I say, simply to test my words. Just for the moment take as an hypothesis that the opera being prophecy is simply a possibility — extraordinary though that might be.

Here might be a few insights —

Pamina’s father dies after presenting her with the magic flute. Her Mother, the Queen of the Night, flies into a rage as she feels her power is threatened by her daughter’s having the flute. Sarastro, Pamina’s step-father, steps in and kidnaps Pamina to keep her out of harm’s way, but says nothing to Pamina, who is confused and frightened. Sarastro happens to be Wernher von Braun, with whom Pamina and her family have a connection. Sarastro’s temple of Isis and Osiris is the occult secrets of those committed in the US and Russia to going to the Moon and Mars.  It has, in fact, a number of different locations.  Pamina is brought to a place of relative safety, in the frozen tundra of the Northlands…

The three children are Pamina’s children. They are an even greater threat to her Mother, who comes after them and tries to bewitch them and steal them from Pamina, who is horrified. The Queen of the Night holds the children ransom, creating even more terror. To make matters even more sinister, the Queen has a ‘spare’, so to speak, in Pamina’s sister, Starla, (the so-called ‘other Queen’) who assists her Mother in stealth to try to turn the children against Pamina. And, last-but-certainly not least — add to that the possibility that Monostatos, who happens to be a bass player in an orchestra of false servants in Minnesota, has also attempted, frantically and viciously, to insinuate himself into the lives of Pamina and her children, in order to help the Queen.  He tries to cause Pamina bodily harm and slanders her to his colleagues.  She continues on, following the direction of the Zauberflote, which is always changing, and is always charming.

Pamina has had glimpses of Tamino, but nothing more, except his picture. When she sings her desperate aria “Ach, ich ful’s”…she feels she has lost everything. As the children are being deceived by the Queen, even they cannot help her.Me with my three K's...:-)

And yet, Pamina perseveres, in love and in faith…with the help of her longest best-friend, Papageno.  Papageno gives Pamina words of hope and faith at just the right moments…and together they keep moving forward…

Update 12.24.20 (M4B*)

I went to Orchestra Hall this week, on December 21st, in fact. That was also the night of the great “Christmas Star”. That day is significant to me because it is the birthday of Monostatos, who affected our lives so profoundly, and it is also the day we were married, long ago. (That lasted 666 days.) I decided to lay hands on the doors of Orchestra Hall and rebuke the enemy in the Name of Yeshua in order to demolish all of the strongholds connected with Monostatos persecuting me on that darkened stage because of the Zauberflote.

It was a cloudy day, cold, with a bitter wind.  I had invited Papageno to go with me, but he had declined. Once I reached the Nicollet Mall I was relieved that he had done so, for what I was witnessing was unexpected and almost overwhelming.  The mall stores are basically shuttered.  The only exception is Target.  There are no Christmas lights.  There are no lights at all. It is desolate. Dystopian. Like Blade Runner. Orchestra Hall had stacks of cardboard boxes in its lobby.  There are signs on the pavement reminding everyone to stand six feet apart.  WCCO is shuttered. They don’t show you that on the evening news. There were no crowds. Just people milling and talking, all carrying bags of some sort.  Acrid cigarette smoke. A woman shouting into her phone. Stragglers walking aimlessly.

Minnegeddon in Minneapolis, I thought.  What else could I call it?

I then went over to Monostatos’ apartment building and laid hands on the door there and rebuked the enemy again.  Hopefully, this nightmare involving him and the Minnesota Orchestra will now come to an end.

Is this what happens when you lock out Mozart?

During the 2012 lockout of the Minnesota Orchestra players I asked a family member who knew Mr. Vanska’s assistant for help getting to Mr. Vanska, to ask to play the Zauberflote for him.  She replied that she ‘didn’t want me to use her contacts.’  I was saddened by this, as the letter I had written to Mr. Vanska had gone unanswered, and I did not even know for certain if he had received it.  But now I could see that it wasn’t enough.  A slap on the wrist for Monostatos was not in everyone’s highest good.

But this is.

They are locked out yet again.  Orchestra Hall is dark yet again.  But this time I don’t think the lights will go back on until we all have some answers.

*M4B=Mozart for Believers

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